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From 1 Hour to 10 Minutes: How YuzzBuzz Generates Amazing Reports for their Clients

Analytics are rampant. 76% of US B2B marketers have web analytics in their tech stack. And this number is only projected to grow. Learn how YuzzBuzz, a digital advertising agency from Florida, successfully added Whatagraph to their impressive tech stack.

Indrė Jankutė-Carmaciu
Indrė Jankutė-Carmaciu

Sep 22, 2021 4 min read


In brief: 

  • A full-service digital marketing agency from Boca Raton, FL, YuzzBuzz specialises in digital marketing. In a strictly performance-based field, YuzzBuzz was primed for a visual, client-facing analytics tool. 
  • YuzzBuzz began using Whatagraph in 2019, hoping to make performance reviews more straightforward and engaging for their clients. 
  • YuzzBuzz has successfully reduced their report-building time. What used to take 1 hour or more for a single report now takes 10 minutes for new clients and even less for existing ones. 


Smooth sailing 

Regular performance reports are a pain. Everyone can relate to that. Building graphs in Excel, putting them neatly into a PDF or arranging everything in an email only for the information to not be formatted correctly. It’s a pain YuzzBuzz has been able to reduce. They did it so successfully; it only takes minutes now. 

When we first implemented Whatagraph, most of the time starting was figuring out how to customize and change the reports around.” - Zak Jacoby, Digital Marketing Coordinator.

But what did it take to get there? Turns out, not much. The implementation stage was pretty much smooth sailing, even with complex analytics software. In less than two weeks, YuzzBuzz has issued their first visual reports made entirely with Whatagraph. 

The presentation changed too. Instead of sending long-winded emails or clunky PDFs, YuzzBuzz now shares links that take their clients directly to the monitoring dashboards. At any time, their clients can review the performance and filter the data on the desired level.  

Enhanced tech stack

Can a toolbox be too full, though? With the rise of subscription-based software, each marketing agency’s tech stack is only getting bigger. While some choose to reduce the number outright, YuzzBuzz has taken a different approach. They chose Whatagraph not to replace but to enhance their stack. 

It has made looking at a client with multiple services much easier as we can measure the performance of multiple services like Facebook and Google Ads all in one place.” - Zak Jacoby, Digital Marketing Coordinator.

Cross-channel analytics is critical here. With Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Page and Facebook Ads as direct channels, YuzzBuzz can now monitor the performance of many in one place.

The power of data

Using Whatagraph for our analytics reporting has definitely affected how we look at data for different clients.” - Zak Jacoby, Digital Marketing Coordinator.

And the analytics process? When you have so much information neatly arranged in front of you, you can’t help but change your outlook. YuzzBuzz learned that using Whatagraph helps steer their decisions on targeting for some clients. It also helps track changes over time after improvements to campaigns were made. 

Whatagraph helped YuzzBuzz overcome their biggest challenge: presenting analytics to their clients clearly and engagingly. With Whatagraph’s visual aid, YuzzBuzz has reduced their reporting time and made more informed decisions about marketing campaigns. 

Most importantly, their clients are now able to engage with their own data directly. With beautiful, informative reports accessible via direct links, performance monitoring is always at their fingertips. There’s nothing quite like a good visual analytics tool in your tech stack! 

Published on Sep 22, 2021

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