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How 33social Creates Stunning Client Reports in 30 Minutes

In 2021 MIT Technology Review and Databricks surveyed senior executives about business data strategy initiatives, 50% of North American respondents said that their main objective was to improve data quality and processing. With Whatagraph, 33social achieved a level of flexibility in creating multi-channel reports that was impossible with Google Data Studio. 

Whatagraph marketing reporting tool
Indrė Jankutė-Carmaciu

Oct 11 2021 6 min read

How 33social Creates Client Reports in 30 Minutes

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  • In brief:
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  • Cross-channel analytics
  • Timely implementation
  • Complement, not tear down
  • Never stop growing

Indeed, more companies agreed — one of them - 33social Digital Marketing. To better understand the importance of data quality and processing, let’s look at this digital marketing agency’s case of adopting Whatagraph into its tech stack.

In brief:

  • A full-service digital marketing agency from Charlotte, North Carolina, 33social offers a full range of digital marketing services.
  • The agency focuses on home services companies and franchise companies.
  • 33social grew out of Google Data Studio when they needed to report on marketing channels outside of Google.
  • With Whatagraph, 33social are now able to build comprehensive cross-channel reports with side-by-side metric comparison.


Cross-channel analytics

Growth requires flexibility. That is one thing Google Data Studio just couldn’t offer anymore. 33social faced the need of comparing paid social media campaigns vs Google campaigns. And not just one social media.

33social drives lead generation with multiple channels, including not only paid search advertising on Google but also paid social advertising on Facebook and Instagram. Using Whatagraph, they were able to build a beautiful and insightful report on the comparison of these critical lead-gen platforms.

“We are now able to successfully report on platforms outside of Google platforms alongside the Google reporting” - Robin Steele, Founder and President.

This is made possible with Whatagraph’s direct channel integration feature. Through a powerful API, all data is pumped into Whatagraph, cleaned, processed and made ready for building reports.

Timely implementation

Visual reports are easier to process. Clients who receive them from 33social can attest to that. But it’s not just looks and data processing. It’s also time-saving.

"Initially, [one report] took a few hours. Now that we are able to save team templates and save individual report boxes, we can create new reports in less than 30 minutes." — Robin Steele, Founder and President.

Building on a foundation is easier than starting from scratch. 33social has successfully adopted the use of templates that they now can reuse. It can take time to implement, though. The biggest challenge is always the attitude of the team. While greeted with initial skepticism, the 33social team has quickly discovered the advantages of visual reporting.

Complement, not tear down

Empowering the tech stack is crucial. Google Data Studio hasn’t disappeared from 33social’s tech stack. Instead, the agency found that using Whatagraph and Google Data Studio gave them unique advantages in data processing and final presentation.

Whatagraph provided a unique opportunity to gain insights that were obscured before.

"The social platforms have historically terrible reporting. Whatagraph allows us to look at the top posts for various periods of time, allowing us to get a sense of what is resonating with viewers at that time." — Robin Steele, Founder and President.

33social gave a perfect example of insights Whatagraph users can get by looking at dashboards and reports.

As 33social focuses on home services, they tend to post a lot about green grass lawns. The number of likes peaked at the first quarter of the year instead of summer - a time generally expected such posts to perform. The conclusion 33social team made was that their audience felt nostalgia for the green grass lawns they get during summer.

Now 33social plans their posts out so the green, vibrant grass imagery would be available at the beginning of the year, thus raising engagement.

Never stop growing

Future holds further growth for 33social. Once Whatagraph releases data filtering features that are present in Google Data Studio, the agency will be able to drop GDS altogether. 33social is also looking into the possibility of becoming a dashboard provider, monetizing their data analytics and processing skills. These plans are all made possible with a good data processing platform - Whatagraph!

Published on Oct 11 2021

Whatagraph marketing reporting tool


Indrė Jankutė-Carmaciu

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