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Whatagraph Introduces Easy-To-Use Data Transfer Functionality to Get Your Marketing Data to Google Bigquery. No Coding Required.

Whatagraph is trusted by thousands of marketing professionals around the world for connecting, visualizing, and sharing marketing data. As a response to the growing need for marketers to have more control over their data, we are happy to introduce a new solution that moves data to a BigQuery data warehouse in a few simple steps. 

Whatagraph marketing reporting tool
Nikola Gemes

Apr 13 2023 2 min read


With marketing advertising and analytics platforms’ APIs becoming increasingly unreliable due to changing rules, limitations, and platforms going away for good, data warehouses are emerging as a more stable and secure solution for storing valuable marketing data.

BigQuery is a cloud-based data warehouse, fully managed by Google Cloud Platform, so no additional maintenance is needed. Unlike on-premises data warehouses, BigQuery is scalable to petabytes of data with no loss in speed.

But transferring data to a warehouse can be challenging, as it often requires coding skills or data experts’ help. Many data transfer tools on the market are complicated to use and their pricing could be confusing or quote-based.

Whatagraph simplifies this task with a user-friendly interface that connects your sources and destination, while automating the data flow. The platform comes with a transparent and easy-to-understand pricing model. You pay a fixed amount per each transfer, that is every data flow you set up between a marketing source and the warehouse.

Data transfer in WhatagraphTailored for marketing professionals, Whatagraph is an all-in-one platform that includes valuable features such as seamless data visualization directly from the warehouse, cross-channel reports and dashboards, customization, sharing automation, on-demand live dashboards, and many more.

If you're looking to gain more control over your marketing data, request a free trial of Whatagraph's new data transfer solution.

Published on Apr 13 2023

Whatagraph marketing reporting tool


Nikola Gemes

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