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12 Best Facebook Analytics Reporting Tools in 2024

Out of all the social media platforms, Facebook provides the largest amount of marketing data. However, to make the most of the data, you have to choose the correct Facebook analytics reporting tool. 

This way, you'll get the most accurate numbers and see how your client's brand performs. You can then decide what you can do to improve your strategy and increase your ROI (return on investment).

Whatagraph marketing reporting tool
Mile Zivkovic

Jan 04 2024 8 min read

Facebook analytics reporting tools

Table of Contents

  • How do you find the right Facebook analytics reporting tool for your business?
  • 1. Whatagraph
  • 2. Metrics Watch
  • 3. Madgicx
  • 4. Sprout Social
  • 5. Brandwatch
  • 6. Hootsuite
  • 7. Facebook Insights
  • 8. AdEspresso
  • 9. Facebook Business Suite
  • 10. Buffer
  • 11. Quintly
  • 12. Rival IQ
  • FAQ

How do you find the right Facebook analytics reporting tool for your business?

For starters, you can use Facebook Insights—a data analytics tool that Facebook provides for free. However, it requires quite a lot of manual work. If you're looking to save time and create a report in just one click, get yourself one of the top 12 data analytics tools listed below.

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1. Whatagraph

It’s a tool that has already been spotted by many marketing agencies. Its functionality, data reporting, and analytics features increase work efficiency when it comes to building:

  1. Facebook content strategy;
  2. Social media strategy;
  3. Facebook marketing strategy.

Benefit from the following features to make your Facebook analytics reporting easier:

Pre-made templates

Whatagraph offers more than 90 social media performance templates. Here is an example of what the Facebook analytics report template looks like. All you have to do to get this report is access the template gallery, choose and build a Facebook insights report.

Here is an example of what the Facebook analytics report template looks like

All key metrics in one page

The best Facebook analytics reports are those with key Facebook performance metrics. Whatagraph not only allows you to connect any source to Facebook, but it also allows you to report cross-platform data with its Facebook reporting tool.

Take Facebook and LinkedIn, for example. With Whatagraph, you can easily monitor and compare the target audience's behavior and make data-driven decisions for your social media marketing campaigns.

Facebook analytics report engagement metric

Live data

Real-time data dashboards are for those that need to learn about the current stage of any KPIs. Whether it is the number of generated conversions or the number of comments received, Facebook Live Analytics dashboard should always be handy to marketers.

Historical data

Is it possible to combine real-time and historical data? With Whatagraph it is! Pull data from any source and set different data ranges. If you need to generate a Facebook post analysis report to learn about the progression of Facebook metrics over time, Whatagraph is the platform to go for.

Data visualization

Graphs, tables, charts, emojis, images, and more! Whatagraph creates engaging reports to make data reporting more fun. Not only that but due to the extensive list of data visualization elements, Whatagraph’s reports and dashboards provide immediate information, whether it is your overall health of Facebook marketing performance or changes in your Facebook audience.

Want to instantly see how your page is performing and how your marketing efforts are paying off? Our Facebook reporting software will provide visually appealing data in real time.

How about you try Whatagraph for 7 days for free?

Book a personalized walkthrough to learn more about its features or request a free trial today.

Facebook page analytics dashboard will provide visually appealing data in real-time.

2. Metrics Watch

Metrics Watch sets itself apart in the marketing analytics field with its innovative approach to reporting. Tailored for agencies, this tool delivers comprehensive marketing reports directly to clients’ inboxes, eliminating the need for traditional PDFs or dashboard interfaces.

Its standout features include:

  • Email-Direct Reports: Sends reports straight to clients' emails for simplicity and ease of access.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Provides flexible report frequency, from daily to monthly, to suit client needs.
  • Approval: Offers a review and approval step for accuracy before client delivery.
  • Custom Branding: Allows full white-label customization on all plans for consistent agency branding.

Ideal for agencies that prioritize clear, direct communication with their clients, Metrics Watch offers a unique and efficient solution for marketing analytics reporting.

3. Madgicx

Madgicx is an all-in-one ad optimization platform for e-commerce businesses. Among others, it offers an analytics tool that lets you instantly create custom reports and dashboards using data from multiple sources, including Shopify, Facebook, and Google.

With it, you can:

  • Visualize your performance across channels and ad accounts in one place
  • Easily track crucial e-com metrics in real-time, such as net profit and blended ROAS
  • Instantly build reports using templates made by expert marketers
  • Use a drag-and-drop report builder to create custom reports from scratch without coding
  • Have a single dashboard to monitor the campaign performance of all your clients (if you're an agency)

4. Sprout Social

It's an intuitive analytics tool that allows monitoring and managing Facebook data. Using this Facebook analytics tool, you'll get access to:

  • The number of organic and paid likes your client's page received during a selected period;
  • The top-performing posts alongside the number of likes, comments, and shares people have given your page;
  • An insight into how your post is traveling across the platform: you'll see how information is shared, including the number of stories created (posts, mentions, comments, etc.) and the number of people sharing the content;
  • Your audience demographics, including age, gender, and location.

Sprout Social is a Facebook analytics alternative that instantly provides the following statistics: the users' activity overview, publishing behavior, audience growth, impressions, top posts, engagement, video performance, stats by page, and audience demographics.

5. Brandwatch

It's a tool that provides you with information on the number of people talking about your client's content on Facebook. Generate a Facebook analytics dashboard and get real-time data on any Facebook metrics like reach, likes, comments, and clicks.

This tool also offers the ability to monitor the performance of any Facebook page. This way, you can narrow down what methods work best for your competitors.

Finally, Brandwatch provides the topic of clouds and sentiment analysis features. And it gives information on which exact posts or users are converting.

6. Hootsuite

It's a tool that allows adding up to 200 different metrics to your data report. Monitoring these metrics brings the following benefits: you can increase the reach rate and determine the type of content people enjoy the most.

By using this tool, you can create, download and share reports with other people, including your team or a client. Hootsuite supports PDF, Excel, CSV, and PowerPoint formats.

Hootsuite also has a social listening function that allows you to track down your Facebook mentions and discover top influencers who can generate more engagement for your campaigns.

7. Facebook Insights

It's a free Facebook analytics reporting tool that provides your page content metrics, including the engagement rate and audience demographics.

Facebook Insights tool allows you to get the engagement rate for each post separately or gives you a general engagement overview. You can also see the ratio between paid and organic likes. This way, you can evaluate whether your promoted content pays off.

For a free Facebook analytics dashboard tool, Facebook Insights provides high-value data insights. Even if you get any of the paid tools mentioned above, you can level up your report by adding data from Facebook Insights on top.

cross-channel reports

8. AdEspresso

AdEspresso is an easy-to-use advertising tool that can change the way you approach Facebook Ads. Marketers can gain valuable insight into their audience and hopefully maximize ROI by having the ability to quickly create multiple versions of a single campaign, combined with split testing options.

More about the tool:

  • Optimize ad campaigns and get great advice based on existing ads’
  • Have complete control over the timing, placement, and audience of your advertisements;
  • Multiple platforms are supported;
  • There is no need for specialization and the setup is quick.

9. Facebook Business Suite

The Facebook Business Suite is a free tool provided by King Facebook itself. It allows you to manage almost all of the platforms that it owns, including Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram.

Here is what you can expect from this tool:

  • Real-time data of your posts and ads + insights;
  • Ability to promote posts;
  • View activity and notifications of your Facebook and Instagram pages;
  • Read all messages from all platforms in one place + ability to respond.

10. Buffer

Buffer is a web and mobile software application designed to manage social network accounts. This Facebook analytics 3rd party solution not only allows to analyze each platform’s performance and progress but also:

  • Schedule posts to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, Pinterest, and LinkedIn;
  • Get a preview of your Instagram gallery;
  • Invite and allow any team member to make any changes on the platform;
  • Save the hashtags related to your brand and business and automatically post them with every post.

11. Quintly

Quintly is another social media analytics tool that assists advertisers and marketers when optimizing marketing strategies. It offers data tracking and measuring abilities to optimize your ad campaigns and social presence.

Marketers can also benefit from:

  • Customizable metrics and dashboards;
  • Performance insights;
  • Real-time and historical data functionality.

Quintly is also used for benchmarking so that you can compare the performance of your page and posts against any public page or profile.

12. Rival IQ

This platform provides analytics for a wide range of channels, including social media, SEO, SEM, and web page analytics. Apart from tracking your own data, you can use it to take a sneak peek into your competitors.

Rival IQ collects a variety of metrics, including audience, influencers, mentions, page views, engagement, and sentiment. It has a unique feature that keeps track of all of your competitors’ social media bios and updates, so you instantly know if any of them change.

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What can facebook analytics tell us?

In short: Anything related to your Facebook page.

Audience reviews: Create Facebook Audience reports and understand your audience's demographics, behavior, and device information. Learn how users' interactions with your page translate into sales and conversions.

Post-performance reviews: Facebook analytics reporting tools analyze each post’s received engagement. Usually, you’d see metrics like comments, impressions, or reach. This data could then be used when creating content in the future.

Ad performance reviews: This is a significant analysis for eCommerce companies and marketing agencies. One of the primary advantages of generating Facebook ad performance reports is that it provides information on how the advertising is assisting them in achieving their business objectives across Facebook.

Facebook marketing performance review: These reports usually have organic and paid activities' insights. More so, it is important to mention that FB performance reports are the most comprehensive ones with the most data. They are being used during monthly or yearly performance reviews to see how marketing efforts have paid off.

How can I use facebook analytics to grow my business?

A large amount of data is required to grow a business. It's a good thing Facebook analytics reporting tools can help with that. Choose the best reporting tool for your goals and lead your business to success. Leverage data for your own good, analyze what has worked before and what hasn’t, measure results, and create more efficient strategies to optimize your Facebook account.

How do agencies benefit from facebook analytics reports?

Depending on the tool agencies choose to create Facebook analytics reports, they’d get different benefits.

Take Whatagraph, for example. It has features like customization, automation, and overview. The first feature is especially useful when creating reports for clients, as they can be adjusted to match the client's branding. Automation reduces the need for manual reporting and saves time. Overview displays the performance of each client's accounts on a single dashboard.

Of course, agencies benefit from things like real-time and historical data, visualization elements, and interactive dashboards. Every marketing agency should have access to these features to better understand how their marketing efforts are progressing.

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Published on Jan 29 2020

Whatagraph marketing reporting tool


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