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13 Best White Label Marketing Automation Platforms

In this day and age, digital marketing is everywhere. The process moves fast and demands many quick decisions that rely on insight from data collected instantly. Needless to say that marketing agencies are turning to software solutions that can help deliver their digital marketing services.

Whatagraph marketing reporting tool
Indrė Jankutė-Carmaciu

Mar 18 2021 5 min read

Best White Label Marketing Automation Platforms

Table of Contents

  • What is white label automation?
  • Why pick a white-label tool?
  • List of specialized marketing automation software
  • Performance reporting and dashboards
  • Sales and marketing automation
  • SEO and social media monitoring
  • Conclusion

White label software, in general, is growing in popularity, and the marketing industry didn't skip out on digital marketing tools. This blog post will dive a little deeper into white label marketing platforms and review several white label automation tools for marketing agencies. So, let's get started.

What is white label automation?

What is white-label in general? It's a form of business practice where a company outsources its operations to a specialized company or agency. In marketing, businesses that don't want to own an internal marketing department outsource the service to an agency and put their brand on its efforts. Hence - white labeling.

White label automation software is built for the very same purpose. Marketing agencies that don't want or have resources to invest in building their own digital tools simply outsource automation to a white label marketing platform. Just like with operations, agencies add their branding to the software and use it as if they have developed it themselves.

Why pick a white-label tool?

Naturally, marketing software saves time and resources. Funds that would be used to develop a private label automation solution can be allocated elsewhere. Tools such as these don't require as many person-hours to do repetitive tasks.

A white label marketing automation platform usually aims to reduce most time-consuming tasks. These typically are email marketing, building reports, complex data analytics, social media posts, and updates, etc. Everything that is repetitive or requires much human input can be automated.

Some platforms are better at specific tasks. For example, automated end-to-end marketing can shave off hours of work. Pre-built email templates, lead tracking, direct messaging from the platform - a single tool for an entire process.

Other platforms can help with automated analytics. As previously mentioned, digital marketing moves fast, and agencies have to adjust to trends at a moment's notice. Data analysis becomes invaluable, and building reports by hand each time quickly becomes a Herculian task. Automated white label tools offer quick solutions by aggregating social media, landing pages' analytics, and other data and showing real-time results.

For any marketing agency, it can be hard to choose from a myriad of different white label tools. Not to mention the other marketing processes that each platform automates. To make it easier, we have compiled a list of white label marketing automation tools to help with productivity and everyday operations.

List of specialized marketing automation software

Performance reporting and dashboards

1. Whatagraph

An excellent analytics automation tool that consolidates many big data sources into a singular interface. Whatagraph is known for its easy-to-use approach to UI and intuitive data output. Pre-built report templates and dashboards free up a lot of time marketing specialists would use to build performance reports for every client.

Agency report.png

All marketing agencies can use Whatagraph as white label marketing analytics software without their clients ever knowing an outsourced tool was involved.

2. Databox

databox hubspot template

Databox is a great client reporting automation tool, similar to Whatagraph. Databox is known for its ability to encompass many marketing campaigns and intuitively showcase performance metrics. Besides white labeling agency reports, the software also automates the entire reporting process and delivers it to clients.

3. Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio template

Suppose you're running a new business and need a quick and cheap solution to performance reporting. In that case, Google Data Studio is the way to go. While not as automated or intuitive as other tools on the list, Google Data Studio can still anonymously pull data from many different sources and produce great client reports with a bit of work.

4. Agency Analytics

Agency Analytics template

Another excellent reporting tool with an emphasis on big data. Agency Analytics is geared towards digital marketing agencies, helping them track SEO, PPC, social, email, review, and even call tracking metrics.

Sales and marketing automation

5. Landingi

Landingi platform automates landing page creation and scales it up. Working with drag & drop functionality, any marketing professional can build quick and enticing landing pages and connect them with more than 40 other apps to track performance. Leads generated through Landingi landing pages can be pushed to CRM, email marketing, and other platforms to convert them successfully.

6. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign takes email marketing, lead capture set-up, in-app marketing, and contact management into a singular platform and automates most aspects of these processes. ActiveCampaign blends CRM functionality, email marketing, and content creation into one tool that eases the business marketing and sales processes.

7. Mailmodo

Mailmodo helps you automate various aspects of your email marketing efforts. Importing contacts from API, integrations and CSV files and segmenting them based on their traits, custom events, or campaign actions is a breeze. You can use pre-built customer journeys and automation sequences or use the drag-and-drop visual builder to build one from scratch. AMP emails bring true interactivity to your emails that can be designed using a no-code template builder or easily editable email templates in their template library. A/B testing, email analytics and AI email subjecting line generation are some other features that the tool offers.

8. HighLevel

HighLevel offers truly high-level marketing campaign automation. At its core, the tool encompasses landing pages, surveys and lead capture forms, email, SMS, and Voicemail marketing, integration with Facebook marketing, and even appointment scheduling and payments. This white label software covers the entire direct marketing funnel, all while staying unknown to end customers.

9. Mautic

Another excellent tool for closely intertwined sales and marketing efforts. Mautic consolidates cross-channel marketing campaigns like email, SMS, and web messaging into one platform, but the consolidation doesn't stop there. Landing page creation, dynamic content, native integrations, and APIs make Mautic a powerful business automation tool that increases productivity.

SEO and social media monitoring

10. SE Ranking

SE Ranking automates SEO analysis of websites, something each marketing agency must do for their customers. Beyond performing website audits, SE Rankings also helps in monitoring the ranking of site positions. Actual ranking, based on location, competitor, and backlink analysis - all is possible with this one tool.

11. Mention

Mention is a tool built to see what's said about a particular brand or company online. This includes social media, news sites, blogs, forums. This automation platform allows tracking of a brand and social media marketing relations. It dramatically reduces the time necessary to hand-build reports on brand image and recognition. Mention can quickly become an indispensable aid in tracking brand image online.

12. SEO Scout

Another white label marketing automation tool is SEO Scout. Meant for small marketing agencies, SEO Scout can optimize content, analyze results, and site's SEO by using the Split Testing feature. It's a neat platform that helps to quickly evaluate and improve a website's SEO.

13. WordStream

WordStream is a tool aimed at automating the improvement of PPC campaign quality. It's done by connecting Google and Facebook Ad accounts and running the data through multiple WordStream tools. Any marketing agency that runs PPC knows that performance is money. WordStream helps agencies grade PPC performance and implement instant changes.


When picking white label software tools for marketing process automation, research is essential. Recognize where your processes could be digitized further, and make sure the software covers at least 90% of your process. It's always better to use specialized software where possible and take customer service into account when choosing your white label vendor.

Published on Mar 18 2021

Whatagraph marketing reporting tool


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