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Facebook Ads
Dashboard Template

Use this free Facebook Ads dashboard template to track the performance of all Facebook advertising campaigns.

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Key metrics in real-time

Make sure to keep close track of your KPIs. Facebook ad campaign template presents critical metrics at a glance: number of leads, clicks, cost per conversion, and more. Monitor your Facebook Ads success at every step of the way

Track campaign performance

Measure success of all Facebook Ads campaigns in a single dashboard: link clicks, lead conversion costs, total budget, and more. These metrics will help you quickly evaluate each campaign performance.

Report on ad sets

Keep a close eye on ad set budget and performance. Measure CPA, CPC, reach, engagement and other vital ad set metrics.

Individual ad performance

Evaluate each Facebook ad performance by clicks, relevance, reach, ad engagement, and other metrics. Use the data to immediately determine if the ads are engaging your audience. Adjust advertising efforts based on real-time data.

Supercharge your performance monitoring

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