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Facebook Pages
Dashboard Template

Use this free Facebook Pages report template to get an instant analysis of your page performance.

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Use a pre-built Facebook Pages report template.

The report template delivers vital metrics in one place. Get top-level insights on your page performance. Track likes and compare them against impressions.

Engagement monitoring

In the same interface, track your page and post engagement. Make decisions on content based on the actions of your audience. See share of unique interactions with your page. Evaluate the effectiveness of your calls to action.

Audience review

Know your audience. Learn from where your fans and customers are. What interests them, and what they click on your page. See how many customers are paid, and how many reach you organically.

Post analysis

Look at the metrics of your top-performing posts. Learn what content drives your page and make quick improvements. Share insights with your creative team and direct their efforts to more engaging content.

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