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Learn how to make hotels fall in love with their hard data

A story on how a freelancer social media consultant from Mississippi made hotels fall in love with their data.


Are Morch is a freelancer hotel blogger and social media consultant from Mississippi that primarily assist hotels with social media and new media consultancy. His company's revenue varies from 45-100K depending on the client base.

Are signed up for Whatagraph in early 2017, so he is using it as his main marketing reporting tool for almost one year - well, we could say that he has seen it ALL!

Are told us - performance reports that reflect KPIs for hotels are key.

My goal is to show hotels how a dedicated Social Media Framework impacts their performance.

The most obvious Whatagraph advantage is the visual aspect that the funnel data offers.

'Easy-to-read data, engaging infographic reports that clients adore - this is what really sells'

Are was looking for a marketing reporting solution like this for 3 - 4 months before he found the one who had it all: good price, multi-source reports, and a simple setup

Blogger also mentioned the KPIs he tracks with our product:

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • CPC
  • Conversions
  • Conversions value
  • Social metrics

After signing up with Whatagraph, Are could finally measure marketing costs for his clients without much effort:

To easily measure and represent marketing costs was essential when researching the product. It is critical to provide it, also reports, where they can see cost reducing over time, are very important.

We asked Are whether he could measure any increase in his revenue or growth after he started using Whatagraph for his marketing reporting routine:

This was back-end goal – in the front end reduce cost, and in back-end showcase increase in revenue of hotels.

By simplifying his monthly reporting process, Are found out that his clients also love new reporting solution that he chose:

Hotels love hard data that makes sense.

What about you?

Still making your clients sad with hard to grasp data in the reports? Your clients deserve a better reporting platform - start your free trial and change your marketing reporting routine today.

Published on Feb 20, 2018




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