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We have launched visual automated Facebook reports

After hearing a lot of suggestions regarding social media analytics, today we have some exciting news to share.

Whatagraph customers have spoken. And we have taken it seriously. After hearing a lot of suggestions regarding social media analytics, today we have some exciting news to share.

We are very happy to announce the launch of Facebook Integration! Today, every Whatagraph Pro and Agency user, and everyone who signed up for a trial, can view their first Facebook page analytics report on their dashboard.

Facebook Insights reports like you've never seen before

  • All important statistics in one report for a quick overview of your Facebook page performance.
  • Get weekly information on page likes, post interaction, top times for posting, demographic audience breakdown, and more.
  • As fun and good looking as our web performance reports.
  • Automatically generated for your convenience.
  • Instant and easy report sharing with your team and clients.

Facebook report example

At the moment Facebook Insights reports are exclusive for Whatagraph Pro and Agency plans.

This marks the beginning of social media analytics reporting at Whatagraph. Facebook reports is our first step, but definitely not the last. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter not to miss out on exciting news and product updates yet to come.

Written By Giedre
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