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Use visual and easy-to-read Google Adwords report template to engage your clients and team.

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Key performance metrics to show how your page and campaigns have performed.
Brilliant visualization of data that is appreciated by clients and teams alike.
Automated sharing options for daily, weekly and monthly client reporting.

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Powerful reporting platform for Google Adwords

  • Cross-channel performance tracking.
  • Customizable visual templates.
  • Automated report delivery and real-time viewing.
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"Last week, all of the reports went out perfectly while I was actually sitting on a beach. It was awesome. "

Kiwi Callahan

Creative Manager



Tools to simplify your Google Adwords reporting

Team access and client list management
Customizable text and metrics for your insights and comments
Pre-made templates and widgets for different use cases
Flexible drag-and-drop report builder
Personalized branding and email domain
PDF downloads and instant sharing
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