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Use this sleek dashboard template to track your Google Ads marketing KPIs and meet your goals.

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Use a pre-built Google Ads report template.

Keep a close eye on your KPIs. The template shows essential indicators: spend, clicks, and conversions as a function of time. Get an accurate performance picture in seconds and make immediate, informed marketing decisions.

Traffic flow analysis

See the traffic your ads are generating or loosing. Gain insight on how successful your ads are compared to organic search. Adjust your campaign budget based on these results.

Campaign level tracking

Google Ads dashboard lets you track individual campaign performance. This template aggregates multiple campaigns into a single interface. Monitor the conversion rate, their cost and clicks without leaving the dashboard.

Individual keyword performance

Measure the success of each keyword. Monitor the change in cost required to convert, the number of clicks coming in, and adjust your keywords respectively. Make quick, informed decisions on your keyword use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my Google Ad dashboard?

To get your dashboard, start by logging into your Google Ads account. While there, click the reporting icon. You can find it at the top of your account. Select the Dashboards option and click the blue plus button. From there, you can start building your dashboard. Google Ads lets you create dashboards from scorecards, which you can then select with multiple metric and filter options. Once you have what you need, don't forget to name your dashboard and save it for later use.

Whatagraph dashboard templates offer a quick way to monitor your Google Ads stats via pre-built dashboards.

How do I see my Google Ads?

Once you build your ads, it's essential to check how they're appearing to customers. It's not recommended to look for your ads on the Google search engine, as it may affect the reporting. To this end, go to Tools of your Google Ads account. You will find the icon in the upper right corner. View the Planning section and select the Ad Preview and Diagnostics. Here you need to change the settings at the top of the page. Then enter a keyword, and you will see a preview of which ads are triggered.

Can I do Google Ads myself?

Sure you can! It's easy to create your own Google Ads account. Even without a website, you can start advertising using the Smart Campaigns tool, which eases beginners into Google Ads.

How do I add to Google Dashboard?

To add more metrics to your dashboard:

Start by signing into your Google Ads account.

Click on the reporting icon and select the Dashboards option.

Select a previously saved dashboard, and once the page loads, click Edit.

Add scorecards, tables or charts as needed.

To save time, connect your Google Ads account to Whatagraph and use pre-built templates to view all vital data on a single page.