Pinterest Integration

Connect your Pinterest data and use Whatagraph’s advanced visualization to analyze and share your campaigns' performance. A fully managed Pinterest integration pulls data directly from your account to our stunning custom reports. Visualize top Pinterest pins in media widgets and other campaign performance metrics in a few clicks. Blend and organize Pinterest metrics before visualization to present only the most impactful endpoints. Share insights from your marketing data automatically as scheduled emails or live links.

    Pinterest Integration
    reports built monthly
    native integrations
    pre-made widgets

    Manage all your Pinterest metrics via a direct connector to Pinterest API

    Native integration

    Ready-made connection. No additional set up or connectors needed. Just log in and get data connected to your reports and dashboards.


    Manage and transform your data without code or technical knowledge. Blend, unify, aggregate, and group data points with ease.


    Create stunning visualizations of your connected and prepared cross-channel data. Quickly turning it into full reports, or standalone graphs, charts, funnels, and tables.

    Transfer to BigQuery

    Move data from this source to your warehouse for safer storage and faster analytics. Setting up the automated data flow in Whatagraph is fast and intuitive.

    Blend your Pinterest insights with data from other social media

    Easily combine your Pinterest metrics with ad campaign data from all your PPC, social platforms, or online stores. An out-of-the-box Pinterest connector lets you link any Pinterest source to create a cross-channel display with blended data. Organize the connected data to aggregate attribution metrics from multiple product Pins. Understand how Pinners are interacting with your content. Share the conversion insights with clients, move the data to a warehouse, or export it as spreadsheets.
    Pinterest Report
    Cross-Channel Report
    Pinterest Report

    Pinterest metrics available instantly in Whatagraph



    Pinterest Boards


    Pinterest Performance


    Pinterest Profile lifetime


    Pinterest Top Pins


    Pinterest Top Video Pins

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    Find a metric for you

    Explore marketing automation and custom report features

    Data blending

    Combine metrics from multiple data sources in a widget or table to track cross-channel campaigns in one place.

    Custom branding

    Implement custom color themes and logos. Remove all mentions of Whatagraph and connect your custom domain.

    Overview reports

    Monitor your overall performance across regions or accounts and find new opportunities for growth.

    Linked reports

    Create team templates and connect as many reports as needed. Never again manually edit hundreds of similar reports one by one.


    All your questions answered. And if you can’t find it here, chat to our friendly team.

    Do I need Looker Studio to visualize Pinterest data?

    No, you don’t need Looker Studio (Google Data Studio) or any other tool to visualize your Pinterest data. Whatagraph is an all-in-one marketing data platform to connect, organize, visualize, and share all your data. This sets Whatagraph apart from competitors that provide only the connection, so you need to use a separate visualization tool for marketing reporting.


    On the other hand, Whatagraph lets you cover the whole data journey with one platform.

    How to connect Pinterest data to Whatagraph?

    Whatagraph has a pre-built Pinterest connector, so you don’t have to purchase and configure third-party data connectors. Adding a new Pinterest source is simple:


    1. Go to the Data Sources menu and locate Pinterest among the channels.


    2. Click Connect an account.


    3. From there, you’ll be redirected to login to your Pinterest Business account.


    4. Give your Pinterest account a name.


    5. All done. Create a custom report or dashboard and add your Pinterest account as a source.


    Once you connect Pinterest API to Whatagraph, you can organize datasets to get more granular insights by device, campaign ID, date, etc. You can visualize data in various widgets and share the insights via automated email attachments or live links for near real-time access.

    Is Pinterest API available in all pricing plans?

    Yes, Pinterest API is available in all pricing plans, along with 45+ other integrations.

    What other marketing data sources can I connect with Whatagraph?

    Apart from Pinterest, you can connect a range of popular marketing platforms like Google Analytics 4, social media like Facebook Page and LinkedIn, PPC like Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, LinkedIn Ads, CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot, email marketing and e-commerce platforms like BigCommerce and Shopify app.


    If you can’t find the integration for your data source, you can connect it via a Custom API or by exporting it to Google Sheets or BigQuery data warehouse and adding it as a source.

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