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Facebook Ads
Report Template

Use this free Facebook Ads report template to get an in-depth performance overview of your page.

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Use a pre-built Facebook Ads report template

Track your Facebook ads performance by using a pre-build report. This report has been built to cover metrics like page leads, conversions, media spend, CPA, CPC, and others.

Account Overview

Get a brief overview of your Facebook Ads performance. Here, you’ll find the essential metrics, including time and expenditure tracking, aggregated CPC, CPM, and conversion funnel insights.


Campaign and Ad Set Performance

Get an in-depth view of each campaign you’re running and track ad set analytics. See each individual campaign spend, conversion rates, and other vitals.


Individual Ad Performance

Chances are you’re running multiple ads at once. See the performance metrics of each ad individually and compare them together. Measure how effective your visuals and content are, further improve your ads and increase conversions.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a Facebook ad report?

To create a report using Facebook Ads Manager, first, go to your Facebook business pages, then click on the drop-down menu in the top left corner. Afterwards, click on Manage Adverts.

You’ll see a short overview of your ad accounts, so here’s where you pick the account you want to manage.

Once you get here, click on Reports, where you’ll see a general, pre-made report. To make changes to it, click on Edit Columns: here, select stats you need and save changes.

Say you want to build a Page Likes Report. As soon as you click Edit Columns, you’ll see 14 metrics that you can add to your report. Now, make sure you’re selecting only the relevant ones. Here are the metrics we suggest adding:

  • Delivery & Spend: Amount Spent
  • Delivery & Spend: Frequency
  • Cost Per Action: Cost Per Page Like
  • Actions: Page Likes

In the next step, select the period your report is going to cover. Then, add one or more filters to only pull in this campaign for your client. Enter the next two filters once you click the “Add Filters” button:

  • Campaign Name > Contains > Name of Page
  • Campaign Name > Contains > Page Like

Finally, click Save. You can access the saved report anytime in the drop-down menu under the Reports section.

Now, if you’re looking for an easier way to create a visual data report, use Whatagraph. With Whatagraph’s pre-made templates, you can create Facebook Ad reports at different levels. Connect our page to our platform, and we’ll automatically import and visualize your information.

How do I export a Facebook ad report?

First, open your Ads Manager and locate the Export button in the upper-right of your reporting table. To download data in a CSV or Excel format, select Export (or Export Table Data), then pick the type of file you want, and then click Export.

What should I say in a Facebook ad?

Although your message depends on a variety of factors, here are a few universal tips:

  • Use up to 5 words.
  • Make your headline a Call To Action.
  • Communicate the benefit your customer gets.
  • Test 5-mile vs. 5-foot benefits.
  • Focus on just one point.
  • Use special characters (i.e., emojis) to attract attention.
  • Be empathetic; address the pain point.
  • If it’s a new feature or a product, say it.

How do you calculate ROI on Facebook ads?

If you measure Facebook Ads ROI by revenue, divide the profit by the total investment and multiply by 100.