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What to Measure While Conducting a Digital Marketing Audit

Digital marketing plays a significant role in your outreach strategy. It includes every effort you need to make online to sustain the visibility, viability, relevance, and growth of your business.

A digital marketing audit can help you achieve an effective result in your online efforts.

Performing a digital marketing audit regularly can enable you to detect aspects that are not productive and which areas you need to focus more on.

As you generate more results with your SEO, and you are converting quality leads into brand ambassadors, don't rest on your oars. There will always be a new algorithm, disruptor, and new service that can take you off the balance if you don't stay on top of your game.

Your best arsenal is to stay ahead is to get your digital marketing audit right. 

You need to be vigilant with your digital marketing strategies and assess the performance of each of them. You can easily make the necessary adjustment when you are aware of your metrics.

If you are wondering how to get started, look no further. But let's quickly examine why you need to perform a digital marketing audit.

It is highly essential to know the concepts, the procedures, as well as the outcomes you need to expect.

Why Perform a Digital Marketing Audit?

If the outcome of your digital marketing efforts are below expectation or some channels have already indicated a markdown, it means you need to perform a digital marketing audit.

Here are some issues to watch out for:

  • You are not generating new leads
  • You are not achieving your sales objectives
  • There has been a noticeable drop in sales recently
  • Your web traffic has tanked or flatlined
  • You are losing out on your social media engagement
  • You need to establish your brand on social media
  • You need to scale up and therefore require a strategy to bolster that effort
  • The CTR on your outbound campaign is lagging.

With digital marketing, you can generate insights into the performance of each channel. That way, you can easily curate a solution that can produce the outcome you desire.

Digital Marketing Audit You Need to Perform

SEO Audit

Search Engine Optimization remains the backbone of any digital marketing activity. It can be defined as an organic means of generating traffic to your site. It is how major search engines rank your brand against competitors.
They include:

  • Keyword Audit

Keywords are how search engines find you. If your web content lacks relevant keywords, you will remain invisible even if you are providing top-notch services. You can leverage a keyword tool such as Ubersuggest or Google Keyword Planner to research suitable keywords for your niche.

Then creatively embed those keywords in your content. Make sure you don't overdo it as you can be penalized for keyword stuffing. Ensure your keywords flow appropriately with your web content to achieve the best result.

  • On-Page Optimization Audit

An on-page audit includes crawling through your website to detect issues like duplicate headings, duplicate meta-descriptions, duplicate content, missing page titles, low content. Each page should have at least 300 words and above 700 words to rank better.

On-page optimization audit also including checking for broken links, excessive redirects, and longer load time for pages. You can utilize crawler tools like Google Search Console to audit your site.

  • Off-page Optimization Audit

This is more like your backlinks. It is ideal for verifying that the links from authority websites are not spammy or broken. Quality backlinks should be your priority as you aspire to boost your search ranking and increase your domain authority. Use outreach strategy sheet to achieve better results. If you have not been linking to another website, adopt that strategy from henceforth.

  • Responsiveness Audit

You can lose your ranking if your site is not optimized for mobile.

Most searches presently are done via mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Your visitors may not have the chance to view your website if it is not compatible with their devices. Search engines also prioritize responsive and mobile-friendly sites. Ensure you audit your site to be responsive.

Besides, Google penalizes pages with low-speed scores.

Content Marketing Audit

You need compelling content to engage your target audience. Quality content goes a long way to determine the mileage you will achieve. It's not enough to market content; you need to offer your readers content that they want to read, not the ones you want to write.

Other technical issues

It is also important to audit your site to ensure your forms, buttons, web apps, and links are functioning properly. You can also check the site loads on various browsers. Does your site load all its add-ons on every standard browser? If it does not, you might be missing out on valuable traffic.

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