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Google AdWords reporting

Visual and simple to read Google AdWords reports that will engage your clients. Generate automatically & share instantly.

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Engaging Google AdWords reports for an automated performance overview

  • Evaluate Google PPC performance across campaigns, Ad Groups and ads using key KPIs
  • Easily assess changes before and after campaign optimisations
top campaigns
top clicks

Always know what value your AdWords are bringing

  • Regulary get analytics reports with latest conversion data: number of conversions, value generated and conversion rates.
  • Monitor your AdWords spendings and key KPIs: total cost, cost per click and cost per conversion.

Automatically monitor and share your marketing KPI performance

  • Check goal completion and conversions for weekly, monthly, yearly or custom date range performance.
  • Analyze your landing pages in terms of sessions, page views and compare analytics data to previous periods.
kpi report
search queries

Easily monitor keyword performance data and spot opportunities for optimisation

  • Compare keywords in terms of clicks and conversions they bring
  • Monitor change over time for custom date range analytics

Review best (and worst) performing ads on the go

  • Assess the performance of ad copy, for both text and banner ads
  • Easily track down winning ads for instant campaign optimisation
text ads

All your digital marketing reporting in one place, automated and simplified.

automated reports

Your marketing data sources, combined

automated reports

Customisable drag n drop templates with your branding

automated reports

Automated multi-source report generation and e-mail delivery

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Tools to make your reporting easy

multiple users
Multiple user access and different team roles
multiple users
Downloadable report PDFs and instant sharing
flexible reports
Flexible multi-source reports
Client list management
custom report
Custom report types for different users
custom logo
Your logo, name and colour
custom logo
Add comments to the reports to share your insights and recommendations with the clients
custom logo
Flexible and customisable drag and drop templates

Our stories

our stories
I save 4 full days out of every month that I used to spend putting together our client reports, but now they all go out automatically, and I can spend that time analyzing the data and helping my clients strategize instead.
Kiwi Callahan, Creative Manager
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We asked our clients what they thought of the reports and they loved them! They could understand the infographic style reporting with explanations better than graphs from Google Analytics.
Justin Herring, Head of Digital Marketing
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our stories
our stories
We love how simple and clean the reports are that can be generated, and we use them to better explain to our clients how their digital transformation is aiding their business growth.
Ethan Martin, Company Director
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