Google Analytics Reporting Tool

Stay on top of your website performance with our Google Analytics reporting tool. Get all your KPIs in one place and transform them into actionable insights with Whatagraph. Grab a report template and create your own GA report in minutes, without complex spreadsheets and graphs. Easily visualize your website performance, content quality, audience data, and more - make reporting Google Analytics simple!

Google Analytics Dashboard Template
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Create Beatiful Google Analytics Reports or Dashboards

Whatagraph's Google Analytics integration allows you to visualize all your website data in one place. Build reports in minutes by using our pre-made templates or start with a blank page. 

Your Ultimate Data Visualization Tool for Google Analytics Reporting

Website traffic; Landing page performance; pageviews; goal completions, Sessions; conversion rate… Gather all your key metrics and KPIs in a single dashboard or report. Whatagraph is a modern Google Analytics connector that creates engaging, beautiful and comprehensive reports. Connect your client’s sources and analyze their traffic channels. Use our goal widget to track your goals and optimize initiatives. Our reporting tool can change how you deal with huge volumes of data and offer some high-level insights. If you want to create fully customized reports, you can use our white label feature and remove the Whatagraph logo from your reports.
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Reporting Google Analytics with Whatagraph is simple.

Monitor All Your SEO, PPC, Ecommerce Metrics & KPIs in A Single Dashboard in Real-time

Impressions; Audience acquisition; Behavior; Clicks; CPC… No matter the channel you are running ads or other digital marketing experiments. Build a Google Ads report with Whatagraph and put these core metrics at the center of your client report - just by connecting their Google Analytics account. Let them know how your initiatives are performing. Get accurate Google Ads data so your clients can see what’s working and what isn’t.
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Reporting Google Analytics with Whatagraph is simple.

No More Manual Marketing Reports - Thanks to Automated Google Analytics Reporting

Send automated Google Analytics reports without pressing the ‘send’ button. Select the sending frequency, choose the appropriate time period you want to report, and add needed recipients. This is a solution for marketing agencies to save time by automating reports. Easily keep track of key metrics and keep your clients in the loop on the most important data.
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Reporting Google Analytics with Whatagraph is simple.

All reporting features your agency needs

50+ data sources

Create a true cross-channel digital marketing dashboard in Whatagraph. Over 50 integrations for your cross-channel marketing campaigns.

Cross-channel reports

Combining cross-channel data is intuitive and takes a few clicks. Create a single client report for all channels instead of one report for each.

Full report automation

Schedule your reports at desired intervals or share a live link to a report so your clients can check for updates at any moment.

White-label reports

Customize colors and logos in each report to align it with your agency’s or clients’ branding and style.


All your questions answered. And if you can’t find it here, chat to our friendly team.

What Google Analytics data should I report on?
Google Analytics data measures your advertising ROI, tracks millions of keywords and provides data to better understand customers and their behaviour. Key data that you should probably report falls under 4 categories:

  • Audience;
  • Acquisition;
  • Conversions;
  • Behavior.

Key metrics that you should export from a Google Analytics dashboard include: number of users and sessions; average pages per session; average session duration; bounce rate; organic vs paid sessions; queries; top landing pages.

What other data sources can I add to Whatagraph?
You can add any other sources from the 40+ we integrate with. For example, Facebook, Google Search Console, Google Sheets, Google Ads, Google Display & Video 360, etc. 
I’m using Google Analytics 4, can I still use Whatagraph for reporting?
Of course. Whatagraph can even benefit your GA4 reporting. You can easily connect other channels and compare their metrics to that of GA4. 
What makes Whatagraph better than Google Data Studio?
Whatagraph is much more intuitive and easier to use as it takes just a few clicks to create a report. Also, we have customer support to give you personalized onboarding and answer your questions throughout the work week.

It’s good to be loved! Our clients are not shy about expressing it.

I made a switch from GDS and Sheets for reporting to Whatagraph, and I am saving literal hours each week on performance report creation. Our small firm actually managed to onboard 2 new clients as a result of all the time we saved on managing data and reporting. The customer service is also really helpful and easy to reach.

Mindaugas S., Marketing Consultant Capterra logo for Whatagraph review

Capterra verified review by

Mindaugas S., Marketing Consultant

Having active customer support to help fix any issues was a big contributor, but we also really liked the ability to save templates and connect sources to multiple charts/widgets at once without having to edit them individually. And having the grid layout is much easier to stay consistent with than the free form setup that Data Studio has.

Nico T., Media Planner Capterra logo for Whatagraph review

Capterra verified review by

Nico T., Media Planner

The system has standard templates that are easy and fast to use. Also you can build your own report with lightning speed. It is very easy to use, has a lot of integration, and let get started very fast.

Rasmus Bernt K., External Senior Management Consultant Capterra logo for Whatagraph review

Capterra verified review by

Rasmus Bernt K., External Senior Management Consultant

We love Whatagraph - we would definitely recommend and our account manager is great! I love how easy this tool is to use, everyone on the team finds it much more user-friendly than other dashboards. Integration was easy, we sent some example reports to the team who duplicated these for us. We literally had to log in and send it to our clients!

Stephanie S., Digital Director Capterra logo for Whatagraph review

Capterra verified review by

Stephanie S., Digital Director

We are showing our clients the work that we're doing for them and this is incredibly important for our clients ROI. They want to see results and having a tool like Whatagraph that can show data from virtually every source we use is hugely important.

John S., SEO Strategist Capterra logo for Whatagraph review

Capterra verified review by

John S., SEO Strategist

The tool is easy to use; you do not need to have development resources. Even my junior project managers are capable of making campaign reports in minutes. There are a lot of pre-made templates you can use as well as many pre-made widgets.

Erman E., Marketing Specialist Capterra logo for Whatagraph review

Capterra verified review by

Erman E., Marketing Specialist

Really easy to connect data sources within the tool. The library of report templates has been helpful. The customer support team has been responsive to all of our needs. Our team enjoys the simplicity of setting up the reports and how the data is presented.

Brent N., Director of Operations Capterra logo for Whatagraph review

Capterra verified review by

Brent N., Director of Operations

Easy to create really beautiful graphs and reports which can help other team members to understand the most important takeaways. I especially like the automated report function, so I don't have to check on the same thing repeatedly.

Orsolya S., Online Marketing Manager Capterra logo for Whatagraph review

Capterra verified review by

Orsolya S., Online Marketing Manager

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