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Dashboard Template

Keep a close eye on your keyword position tracking by connecting your Semrush account to this dashboard template. Bolster your content strategy with in-depth SEO and PPC metrics.

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Use a pre-built template to create a dashboard, fast

Build your organic keywords dashboard instantly, using metrics straight from your Semrush account. This template has essential SEO metrics like keyword searches, positions, average CPC rates, domain visibility, and more.

Track and compare the results of your landing pages

Use prepared widgets to track your landing page rankings based on keywords ranking. Use the Semrush dashboard to gain data-driven insight into your SEO projects performance.

Include paid metrics in your report

Fetch data for your PPC projects into a single Semrush dashboard. Track the success of paid keywords and the traffic they create. Use the Semrush integration to give accurate reports on digital marketing success.

Keep track of Google Ads performance

See just how well your keywords are performing in a Semrush project. Keep an eye on the average keyword price, ranking position, and its changes over time. Take complete control of your Google Ads budget and use the data to keep up the performance.

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