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Facebook Profile View Notification

Facebook allows us to keep up with each other’s profiles and stay connected on a day-to-day basis. But, there’s a time when each of us has wondered if there’s any way we can see who has visited our profile. So, Facebook Profile View Notification was created – a Google Chrome Extension that no longer exists but replaced with Social Profile View Notification.


Who Is Checking up on Your Facebook Profile?

Although Facebook indeed collects a massive amount of data about its users, including those who have visited our profile, they aren’t sharing that data with anyone. Facebook cares about its users’ privacy, so they consider this data strictly confidential. In fact, it says we should report any third-party application that claims it can give us this type of information. 

This means that such apps exist, but their accuracy is not proved. Not surprisingly, many of them give you fake information of no value. These apps or companies ask you to permit them to access your profile and private information. Not only that they can access your private information, but they can also infect your device with malware or distribute spam.

Facebook considers our information confidential, so many of the apps that claim they can show your Facebook viewers are actually scams. Instead, they will have access to your social media profile accounts until you revoke them manually.

What about Social Profile View Notification?

The Social Profile view notification or Facebook Profile Viewer is a Google Chrome extension that claims it can send you notifications whenever someone visits your profile. According to users, however, the extension alerts you only if the person who has viewed your profile is a user of the extension.

How to Install and Use This Extension

Find the Social Profile View Notification extension on the Chrome Web Store and install the plugin. Then, log in to your Facebook profile account, and you’ll see a new menu on your Facebook page called ‘Visitors.’ Once you hit it, a popup with a list of your Facebook visitors will appear, together with the date of their visit. So, whenever someone views your profile, you’ll see a notification revealing their name and time of visit, as long as they are users of the extension as well. 

It sounds too simple to be true as it requires only the Chrome browser and installing the plugin, but that’s what this extension claims. Mind you; it has nothing to do with Facebook, as Facebook cares about its users’ privacy. 


Wondering if you can really see who has visited your Facebook profile? Although Facebook doesn’t show this information regarding it as confidential data, there are third-party applications that claim they can show you your Facebook visitors. One of them is the Google Chrome extension called Social Profile view notification. Although its accuracy is not proven, it’s up to you to decide if you’re going to use it and believe the data it provides. 

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Published on Jan 26, 2021




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