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Basics of Marketing Analytics

Marketing analytics is the procedure which helps the marketers to calculate the favorable outcome of the marketing strategies by calculating its production. There are some standards to calculate the overall accomplishment of the marketing strategies.

Whatagraph marketing reporting tool
Gintaras Baltusevičius

Feb 05 2020 3 min read

Whatagraph marketing reporting tool

Table of Contents

  • Why Is Marketing Analytics Important?
  • Advantages of Marketing Analytics
  • Marketing Analytics Tools and Techniques
  • Understand Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Set up Normalcy
  • Expect Exceptions
  • Compare and Contrast
  • The Customer Decision Journey

Why Is Marketing Analytics Important?

In the current era, where business has extended so far technologies have made the business world an easier thing and support it in building awareness, scheduling follow-ups launching campaigns, and driving and nurturing leads as well.

Marketing analytics easily allows big-picture trends by that too focusing on every minor detail. With the aid of providing big-picture, it also lets you predict which program worked, failed or succeeded.

Marketing analytics also enable you to check on and off trends over time. Easily marketing analytics forecasts results as well.

Advantages of Marketing Analytics

It’s necessary to calculate the financial impact of not just the marketing but the varying impact of the variety of the efforts from the product and sales too.

In the end, knowing and understanding the various types of analysis and the advantages it provides within the marketing can help. Recognize what standards to focus on for what objective like ROI, monitor movements over time, determine campaign effectiveness, estimate future outcomes and so on.

Here are some of the major advantages that are helpful in marketing analytics:

  1. Learn what happened: Marketing analytics first give a sight on what happened this tool may help them in avoiding to make the same mistakes again
  2. Measure what’s happening now: Marketing analytics in this term helps you to look at what's taking place now by your marketing efforts.
  3. Foresee what might can happen: it can be said that data science, big data, and predictive analytics are the most important aspects of marketing analytics. It’s the analytics that assesses the lead management processes to prioritize the lead based on those similar to consumers who have shown a propensity to buy.
  4. Optimize efforts: it’s the last advantage which only comes when you merge your marketing analytics with your market search based objectives. But a common mistake marketers do is they forgot to collect the real consumer feedback

Marketing Analytics Tools and Techniques

Google Analytics, Facebook outlooks, and various standards are some of the most ordinary tools used in marketing. They show the number of insightful data like the number of visitors to your page and the likes.

Standard/metric is the most informative tool about an aspect of the business. Marketing analytics is all about mining, analyzing and these basic standards to enable business decisions. To properly understand your business, you first have to properly understand your customer’s desires well.

Know their needs, their wants, and their motivation and make sure to know how you as a brand and a business fulfill them very well. These are some of the techniques that market analyst uses it to fullest.

Understand Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

KPI is a form of a standard that is very different from the strategy and the business field. Starting key performance indicators like conversion rate, average order value, and the average time a visitor spends on your page. It is generally recommended to 4-6 KPI's.

Set up Normalcy

Setting up normalcy is all about checking the average number on daily, weekly and yearly bases. It is necessary to check quickly because if anything is blown out of proportion it immediately address problems.

Expect Exceptions

Because you have already set up normalcy, it would be easier for you to recognize the facts and figures that go below or above your brand's normal limit usually says outliers. These kinds of exceptions allow you to understand the underlying matter and a chance to maximize it.

Compare and Contrast

By considering all the above facts and figures, at this stage now you are ready to answer problems like which product performs better from another product. This stage helps you to differentiate and make you able to compare and contrast products.

The Customer Decision Journey

Traditional marketing once believed that a customer's buying process is funnel-like, alluding that the thought process at the time of buying is logical and methodical. Thanks to the marketing analytics that now the funnel approach is unreliable and incomplete.

Today the customer decision journey is more like an orbit, that the farther the customer is from the product the less likely the customer is purchasing your product otherwise the closer the customer is, the more likely the customer is going to purchase the product.

However, it creates a "Loyalty Loop". Through marketing analytics, today’s marketers can rely on data and can properly mix and match the channels and advertisements to keep the customer closer to the product and maintain that "Loyalty Loop".

Published on Feb 05 2020

Whatagraph marketing reporting tool


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