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Benefits of Social Media Portfolio

Nov 14, 2019 6 min read

A portfolio showcases your talent to a potential client and employer. Therefore, having a social media portfolio is essential these days. A resume only tells what you can do, but a resume combined with a Portfolio show what you can do. Social media portfolio is a great way to show your experience and expertise in your field. It sets you apart from your competition.

What should be included in a social media portfolio?

You should include the work that highlights your expertise and experience on your social media portfolio. In your media portfolio, you should include:



In your portfolio, you should describe your client and include samples of all kinds of work you have provided for them. 



You can add the link to your clients’ site if you have the permission.



You can take screenshots of your work and add them to your portfolio. Furthermore, include any management work, campaign or reports you have done.



Make your portfolio around the kind of work you want to do, and add your best work as samples. For instance, if you are good at marketing, create social media marketing portfolio; likewise, if you enjoy management, create social media manager portfolio. Therein, you will attract the type of work you are passionate about.



Also, include your previous clients’ testimonials in your portfolio.



Last but not least, add some personality to your portfolio, tell about yourself. Telling what you do and why you do it makes you more desirable to potential clients or employers.

How do you make a portfolio?

Keep your Portfolio simple and give an overview of the work you have done. Keep track of whatever you do and make a record. Get the screenshots of your best copy write contents, your most liked and twitted posts, and the analysis metrics of your performance. 

If you want your portfolio to add in your resume, then show the work you have listed in your resume. However, if You plan to use it to attract clients, then include the projects related to the work you want to do.

If you are new and do not have any sample of the work you have done previously, creat the sample, do the kind of work you want to get hired for or volunteer and make samples. 

Furthermore, sometimes, you do not have the client's permission to add the services you provided to them on your portfolio. First, try to get the consent of your clients. Some clients do not have a problem with this and give you permission.

However, if you do not have clients' permission, then make a list of the services you provided them. Now that you do not have clients’ permission; instead of taking their exact names, describe them. Make it generic, instead of specific.

You can also check some social media portfolio examples to get the idea of how different people in your field create their portfolio. 

What is a personal portfolio?

Utilize your social media as your personal portfolio and make a memorable impression there.

Having a social media presence, which highlights your services, is not only beneficial but also allows potential clients to review your work. Many of your potential clients will first find you on your social media. Therefore, add your contact information and a link to your website so they can easily reach you.

How do you create a career portfolio?

In a career portfolio, you also include your most recent resume. To create a career portfolio, you should add:


The skills and accomplishments you have written in your resume. 


Sample of your best work to show your work.


Moreover, include some professional references whom you have previously worked with, and they can confirm the work you have done for them.

For more details take a look how Stephanie Gilbert do it: 

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