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7 Ways to Use Data Blending

Ever wanted to show combined data in your marketing reports, like total followers on different social media platforms? Here are 7 ways PPC and social media managers can use data blending in their marketing reports.

Whatagraph marketing reporting tool
Gintaras Baltusevičius

Jul 24 2019 2 min read

Whatagraph marketing reporting tool

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    Data blending is an industry term to describe the process of combining information from multiple sources. To get a deeper understanding of data and improve the decision-making processes. 

    How Does Data Blending Work?

    The premise of data blending is that you can consume data analytics from multiple sources in a singular format. As opposed to having multiple visuals from all those separate sources. 

    You can add only one that combines (blends) the data from all three sources. The way this works is that users create custom metrics by adding up metrics from different sources (impressions + impressions; clicks + clicks, etc).

    Whatagraph data blending

    Whatagraph’s data blending feature allows you to combine data across multiple marketing channels, multiple campaigns, multiple ad sets, even multiple client accounts! This is very useful when you need to get a holistic overview of your performance. 

    Combined Campaign Performance

    If you run multiple paid advertising campaigns at the same time, you probably know what a nightmare it is to track their performance. 

    Data blending will be extremely helpful for any PPC manager. Who wants to gain an instant understanding of how their ads are performing across all channels.

    One more popular thing which you should know is cloud migration. You and your extended development team must know how to move your data and why it is so important nowadays.

    1. Present how many times your ads were shown across all channels

    Example: Show total impressions and total reach your ads received on Facebook, Instagram, and Google combined.

    Total campaign impressions and reach

    2. Present how much marketing budget was spent on all your campaigns combined.

    Example: Show the total marketing budget spent on Google Ads and Facebook Ads combined. Include chart widgets to visualize the costs of each channel. With a benchmark line, you can see if you’ve gone over and under the expected costs. Then adjust your PPC budget for the next campaign.

    marketing budget

    3. Show how many clicks your campaign has generated across all channels.

    Example: Show how many clicks your campaign has received on Google Ads and Facebook Ads combined. Include a multi-source list widget to see performance channel-by-channel.

    clicks of your campaign

    4. Display combined campaign funnel

    Example: Show how people are converting from your ads on all PPC channels with the multi-source funnel widget.

    Campaign funnel

    Combined Social Media Performance

    Using the combined data functionality you can quickly show the growth of their social media following, compare engagement across platforms, and more. 

    1. Present how many followers you have in total

    Example: With the combined data widget you can easily add up the follower count across all social media platforms. Compare it to the previous period to see if the increase was positive or negative.

    followers in total

    2. Present how many new posts were created and how they performed

    Example: Show how many new posts were created across all social media platforms. Include a top media widget that will show your top performers channel-by-channel within the selected date range.

    New posts

    3. Create an engagement funnel across several social media platforms

    Example: Showcase how many users engage with your content at different stages of the funnel. Include a total posts widget to get a better understanding of your performance.

    engagement funnel in social media


    Data blending is a super-easy way to get quick and actionable insights into your performance. Without burying yourself under a huge pile of graphics and reports. The possibilities are endless and we will be adding more flexibility to this feature as we go along.

    Published on Jul 24 2019

    Whatagraph marketing reporting tool


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