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What Is the Benefit of Advertising Online?

Oct 08, 2019 2 min read

Online advertising, also called Internet advertising or online marketing, is one of the best ways for businesses to find new customers, expand their reach, and promote their product. It may be a bit intimidating, but the potential for success here is enormous. So, what is the benefit of advertising online?

Online advertising

Nowadays, everyone owns at least one gadget like a smartphone, laptop, or tablet and has access to the Internet all the time. This means that almost all of us have the same potential to succeed in advertising online. Think about it, you can reach millions of people, including potential customers in the comforts of your own home. That’s the power of technology. 

Another great thing about internet marketing is that you are in control. You have access to data and analytics, which can help you realize which parts of your marketing campaigns are successful and which are not.

The Internet grants you access to a global audience. It’s your job to find a unique selling proposition, refine your branding, and provide excellent copywriting.

However, the most crucial factor here is the traffic. Paid adds rent you traffic, but when you run out of budget the traffic will stop, as well as the potential revenue. That’s why you have to measure your progress all the time and prevent wasting money on ads. Still, there’s another option that gives you organic traffic for free – SEO and content marketing.

Last but not least, social media like Facebook or Instagram allow you to advertise online and make people go nuts about your brand or product. This means that you don’t need to have a huge team, a long history, or a high marketing budget to promote your business successfully.

Ads Performance tracking

Two Main Advertising Platforms

Nowadays, there are two main advertising platforms – Google and Facebook. Let’s see the difference between them as well as the benefits of each.


Advertising online with Google Ads has many benefits. It not only shows your ads to the right audience, but it also shows them in the perfect place, at the perfect time. 

It allows you to target your audience based on the keywords they use to search for a specific thing or website, their age, language, and geographic location, as well as the type of device they are using. Also, you can choose the day, and the exact time you want your ads to show to your target audience. 

Another benefit of online advertising with Google AdWords is that you can choose how much you spend per ad, day, or month. That’s how you have complete control over your budget. 

The best thing about Google Ads is that it lets you know how many people clicked on your ad and how many of them made a sale. In that way, you can see which of your ads are most successful and where to invest more. 

You can also manage and monitor your Google accounts with the help of a few Google Ads tools such as My Client Center and Google Ads Editor. 


This advertising platform is for a whole category segment, such as automotive or car enthusiasts. It lets you create ads that drive people to a landing page, which is more like a blog post that provides educational information about the product. The goal is to make the person read and want to have your product or service, and finally get them to purchase. 

So unlike Google Ads, Facebook Ads don’t send people to a page where they can make a purchase right away, but to a landing page, which educates them first before getting them to purchase.

But, to successfully target your Facebook audience, you need a social media reporting template that includes data on the goals and metrics you are tracking. This data is based on analytics from your campaign results with the help of the Facebook Ads reporting tool, which will help you improve your results. 

Written by Wendy

Wendy is a data-oriented marketing geek who loves to read detective fiction or try new baking recipes. She writes articles on the latest industry updates or trends.

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