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Facebook Insights reports got a striking makeover

We have updated Facebook analytics reports with new metrics, added customisation and improved the look!

Social Media reports at Whatagraph are on fire. After launching Instagram and Twitter reports a few weeks back, we have now reviewed Facebook Insights reports and made some welcomed changes. 

Learn what’s new below, and feel free to check out the new Facebook Insights sample report too!

New Facebook Insights metrics added to the report

With the new numbers and graphs, Facebook report is now a delightful 4-pages-long insight galore.

Page engagement

We’ve added a visual graph to the report to show you a number of people who engaged with your Facebook page by clicking anywhere on your Page.

Page engagement graph for Facebook Insights reports

The metric shows a total number of clicks, as well as clicks on page over the selected time period helping you see which days drove best engagement.

Post reach by fans

With the new metric, it’s easy to determine your Facebook page’s reach by people who like your page.

Post reach by fans graph in Facebook analytics report

Unique page impressions and unique post impressions

You can now easily check how many times content associated with your Facebook Page has been seen with unique page impressions graph.

We also made it easy to compare paid and viral content that generated those impressions. While paid impressions refer to adverts and sponsored content, viral impressions are your organic numbers that come to you with a help of Page shares, word of mouth and Page mentions.

Similarly to the page impressions, unique post impressions show the reach of your Facebook page posts, also compared by viral and paid impressions.

Unique Facebook impressions graph for Facebook analytics report

Page likes: sponsored

Using paid Facebook campaigns to encourage your Page likes? Now it’s easy to track how many people liked your page after seeing a sponsored advert!

Sponsored Facebook page likes graph

Ads vs. Mobile ads

A similar metric to the above, Ads vs. Mobile ads compares the number of people who liked your Facebook Page as a result of an ad or sponsored story. The difference is - it compares the source of your Page likes broken down by desktop and mobile.

Facebook page likes from desktop and mobile adverts

Top performing posts

Determining what type of content works best for your audience is now a piece of cake.

Top performing posts graph in Facebook Insights report

Compare your posts by impressions, clicks and engagement, and do more of what performs best.

Page video views and Average watching time

Ready for your Facebook video analytics data? You can now easily check how many people viewed your videos for longer than 10 seconds. What is more, video views are broken down by organic and paid views. And you will also see the average length of time people spent viewing your Facebook videos.

More than 10s Facebook page video views

You can now customize your Facebook Page reports!

You were already able to customize Google Analytics and AdWords reports, and now Facebook got the same feature too, along with other social media integrations. 

Feel free to pick just the data you need, and build custom Facebook Insights reports suitable for your own reporting audience.

Old Facebook metrics got a makeover

We improved design and added more insightful data to a number of old Facebook metrics.

Audience demographic data

Audience data now lets you compare analytics data between different demographic segments:

  • Previously, your audience’s demographic data was presented by two metrics: audience by gender and audience by age.
  • Now, we made two improved cross analytics stats. You can compare Facebook page likes and Facebook page clicks based on audience’s gender and age.

Facebook likes by audience and age - analytics graph

Clicks on domain metric

Starting May 2017, Facebook will no longer provide data for clicks on domain. So we removed it and changed it with post reach by fans.

Top performing cities

We slightly changed stat description to be more explanatory. It is now called Page views by city, and the list has been extended to top 4 performing cities in terms of Facebook Page views.

Facebook page views by city graph - analytics report

What now?

  1. Let us know what you would add to the new Facebook Insights report, and next time you might just see it in your dashboard. 
  2. Know someone who still screenshots analytics data for social media reports? Help them out by sharing this post.
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