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How to Target Business Owners on Facebook

Facebook has about 2 billion active users who spend an average of 35 minutes. This makes it a hotspot for B2B and B2C advertising. That's why the best time to familiarize yourself with Facebook Ad Targeting is now.

You can access several demographic and targeting options on Facebook. It's highly essential you zero-in on a specific audience to maximize your ad spend.

In this article, we would define what a Facebook audience is and how best to target them to maximize your return on ad spend.

What is Facebook Audience?

The Facebook audience is the target or market you want to reach or advertise. You can specifically target income level or the education level. Not only that, but you can also target: job title, gender, location, age, and others. 

How to Target Business Owners on Facebook

1. Target Business Owners On Facebook Via Email Domain

Anyway, if you only want to target business owners who use Yahoo Email addresses. You can, without any hassle, target business owners based on the types of email addresses they use.

Additional Tip:
You can consider email marketing platforms, email applications, and others when targeting business owners based on their email service providers.

2. Target Business Owners On Facebook By Mobile Brand And Features

This form of targeting enables you to generate data based on the mobile devices used by business owners often. Nevertheless, Facebook has recorded higher traffic from various mobile brands.  Based on a study conducted by Facebook, over 50% of users browse the platform via their mobile devices.

Additional Tip:
Target Mobile Device Vendors. Mobile App Developers, Online Mobile Accessories Stores, and others are the best-fit business niche you can precisely target for this type of Facebook campaign.  

Facebook Ads Reporting tool

3. Target Various Computer Operation System (OS)

This may sound absurd, but you can target business owners based on the operating system they utilize.

Additional Tip:
Desktop Software Vendors, Computer Vendors, and Maintenance Service are suitable businesses you can focus on when targeting people based on the operating system they use.

4. Target Browser Business Owner Use

You can target business owners based on various browsers they use.

I always recommend Google Chrome when it comes to targeting browsers. This will enable you to generate valuable insights factoring in the number of individuals who only utilize the preferred browser.

Additional Tip:
Productivity Apps, Browser Extension Developers, Developer Tools, and other essential business niches you can focus on implementing Facebook advertising.

5. Target Business Owners Utilizing Facebook Payment System

Facebook remains one of the best marketing platforms presently. A lot of businesses selling their products or services incorporate different payment channels and applications. Targeting these payment channels can enable you to focus on business owners who use the Facebook payment system.

Additional Tip:
The categories of businesses you can target include Online retail, App development, and eCommerce websites, and others.  

Bonus Tip: Be Creative With Targeting Live Events

Some specific lines of campaigns or businesses focus on offering services to some crucial life events. For instance, funeral homes will love to link up with individuals who are planning a funeral, lost a loved one, or have someone with a terminal illness. Others include a wedding, birthday party, anniversary, and others.

Facebook Live Events parameter is effective in that you can target people at some specific interval. For instance, you can help a jewelry store connect people who intend to celebrate their wedding or anniversaries. The dates could range from 3 months, six months, and a year.

Whichever option you adopt, ensure you are creative about your targeting to maximize your ad spend.

As well do not forget that you may use the Whatagraph Facebook Ads reporting tool to see live reports on how your campaign is working. 

FB Ads Report

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