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Whatagraph Expands to Become a One-Stop Marketing Data Platform

It’s now faster and easier for marketing teams to manage their cross-channel data at scale without code or advanced tech skills. And all in a single platform to connect, organize, visualize, and share it with clients, stakeholders, or other tools.

Whatagraph marketing reporting tool
Nikola Gemes

Jan 10 2024 2 min read

Whatagraph Expands to Become a Marketing Data Platform

Whatagraph is a leading marketing data platform used by over 1,000 teams worldwide for data collection and analysis, external and internal reporting, marketing automation, and building data flows.

Whatagraph has been praised for data integrations, ease of use, speed, intuitive visualization capabilities, and automation options. Now, with the launch of Data Transformation, the platform covers all the steps in streamlining a marketer’s data workflow. It lets to:

  • Bring together siloed cross-channel data by easily connecting it via native integrations, custom API, Google Sheets, and BigQuery.
  • Organize (unify, group, blend, rename) data points in a no-code intuitive environment at scale across all clients and reports.
  • Visualize data in easy-to-understand reports and dashboards.
  • Automate how you share insights with clients or management, export data to Excel, or send it to a data warehouse.

Teams can do this in one platform without having to pay for additional third-party tools like data connectors, writing custom code, or learning complex technical skills.

They also save hours of time by getting rid of repetitive tasks in their workflow: anything they create can be saved as a template, reused, and edited in bulk. There is a library of pre-made widgets and reports. Their data collection and sharing become automated too.

As a marketer, you face a daunting challenge: managing and interpreting vast amounts of data from hundreds of campaigns and dozens of channels. The volume, complexity, and data silos are overwhelming and keep growing.

This amplifies your day-to-day struggles even more of tracking performance, measuring ROI, and clearly reporting to clients and management.

And it is not enough to just collect data from your marketing channels to uncover insights. Unless you find an efficient way to unify, aggregate, blend, and organize data, you’ll get a cluttered and incomplete view of the overall performance. Managing complex data usually requires technical knowledge, coding, and advanced skills in data analytics.

To solve this, marketers currently resort to a slow, hard-to-use, and complex stack of tools. You often need to integrate and manage data connectors, data transformation solutions, and visualization platforms.

As a result, you spend too much time and resources trying to discover and share actionable insights for clients or stakeholders in your cross-channel data instead of focusing on strategy and execution.

Whatagraph solves all that for you by providing an all-in-one intuitive and easy-to-use platform that helps marketers in almost every aspect of their daily work with data.

It enables you to discover and share cross-channel insights faster and easier than ever before:

  • Seamlessly connect all your sources together through native integrations, custom API, Google Sheets, and BigQuery, consolidating all marketing data in one platform.
  • Organize and manage data with no-code data transformation. This includes unifying and blending data, creating custom metrics and dimensions instantly available for all reports, and enabling you to analyze cross-channel data at scale. The process is straightforward so anyone in your marketing team could do it.
  • Achieve stunning visualizations of your connected and transformed data in the same platform. It is intuitive, scalable, and fully customizable, allowing you to tell a coherent visual story, and enabling quicker identification of trends and insights.
  • Automate how you share data with clients or stakeholders or export/transfer it to a desired destination.

At its core, Whatagraph is designed to accelerate marketers’ workflow with data, save dozens of hours in the process, and regain focus on what they do best — creating effective campaigns!

With the new Data Transformation update, Whatagraph becomes an entirely new platform that allows marketers to fully control the whole marketing data journey from its original source to their preferred destination in the way they want it to be organized, visualized, or just stored in the data warehouse of their choice. It brings us a huge opportunity to get closer to our vision of enabling everyone to make data-driven decisions. Fast.

Whatagraph CEO, Justas Malinauskas

You can build and share your first reports with Whatagraph for free by requesting a trial after a free personalized walkthrough.

Robin Hoffmann - Digital Marketing Expert SEA (DTCH Digitals) tested Whatagraph’s new data transformation capabilities and found it ‘Much easier to set up compared to Looker Studio’, especially for colleagues less accustomed to creating their custom dimensions.

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Published on Jan 04 2024

Whatagraph marketing reporting tool


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