Clients enjoy our comprehensive reports and now that we are freed up from preparing reports in Excel, the analysis that Whatagraph allows us to incorporate.

Josh Kilen

Founder @ Cascade digital marketing

Keep your clients happy with visual and engaging multi-source reports delivered to them automatically every month.

All your data in one place.

Build a single report with key metrics from your client’s website and social media platforms.

Get comparing.

Present the performance of different landing pages using multi-source data widgets. Or compare how much return all of the paid channels brought.

Bring real value with your data.

Use comments in the reports to share your insights, expert recommendations and future action items.

Presentation ready a click away.

Download report PDF, get instant sharing link or use full screen mode for presentations on-the-go.

Impress your clients with automated visualisations.

95% of users find visual infographic reports more engaging and easier to understand.

Reduce the number of tools you use.

No need to go into analytics and insights platforms to gather all the data. We’ll do it for you - automatically.

Join agencies and brands who save hours in reporting time

Whatagraph offers powerful features to help you simplify your day-to-day reporting tasks

Multiple user access and different user roles
Downloadable report PDFs and instant sharing
Customisable multi-source reports
Client list management
Custom report templates for different use cases
Custom colour themes, logo upload and emails
Editable text and metrics - add your insights and comments
Flexible drag-and-drop report builder

Actionable marketing tips
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For the marketing nerds

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