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Call Center Key Performance Indicators

Apr 15, 2020 4 min read

Like many other tech-oriented businesses, the modern-day call centers represent an intricate hive of data. And yes, it’s indeed an overwhelming task to mine through it all and evaluates the efficiency and effectiveness of the agents as well as their processes.

As the processing of data continues, there is an increased risk of losing other crucial information. And if you do not know, these pieces of information can be critical for the quality of managing and measuring the improvement of your call centers.

As a leader of a call center, one of the most crucial tasks ahead of you is to track and measure the activities of your agents.

  • How fast is their response to work?
  • To what extent do they satisfy your clients and customers?
  • Do they encounter any problem while delivering their services?

Without any doubt, the only effective way to measure the productivity of your call center agents is through the analysis of solid and reliable metrics.

You may begin to wonder about the kind of metrics you should measure to determine their productivity levels. That’s where call center key performance indicator comes into play.

In this piece, we’ll be focusing on the concept of Call Center Key Performance Indicators while we also reveal the top and most crucial call center metrics you need to track, analyze, and measure to ensure the success of your business goals.  Are you ready?

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What is a Call Center Key Performance Indicator?

In the simplest sense, a Call Center Key Performance Indicator refers to a measurable value that demonstrates the effectiveness of your organization in achieving its crucial business aims and objectives.

Numerous organizations have utilized Key Performance Indicators to evaluate their success at reaching their business goals and targets. For instance, high-level KPIs are used to concentrate more on overall business performance. While low-level KPIs focus more on the various processes across teams or individual departments.

Defining the concept of Key Performance Indicators to your call center agents is extremely crucial as it provides a piece of well-detailed information on virtually every activity of the call center.

This ranges from how each call agent is working (how many book a call) and how each calls received is handled. In turn, this helps to arrive at a specific framework that returns specific feedback, which they can now build up to learn and improve their service delivery.

Have you ever thought of the top call center KPIs you should be looking at measuring?

As a manager of a call center, there are a whole lot of data to select from. To help maintain focus, we’ll narrow down the extensive lists of the top call center KPIs.

Whenever you are focused, you’ll be able to improve upon which will help your agents succeed, which in turn translates to the success of your call center.

Here are the most important metrics you should measure with your call center KPI:

First Call Resolution

First call resolution is a call center metrics that are directly proportional to customer satisfaction. And of course, you need to see the reason behind that.

It helps to track the percentage of calls. And this makes the agent completely address the needs of every customer without having to transfer, escalate, or return the call.

Resolving an issue associated with the first contact is highly essential. This is why many people claim that the first call resolution is the single most crucial call center key performance indicator that’s related to the satisfaction of customers with an organization.

Therefore, the first call resolution should remain at the top of any list of call center KPIs.

call center tracking

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a metric that evaluates the activities of your agents to solve the issues of every customer that comes their way.

Interestingly, this a call center KPI that can be acquired from a wide range of sources. Typically, call centers get the real customer satisfaction score whenever they conduct customer surveys.

Apart from that, obtaining quality assurance measurements is also another way of measuring the satisfaction of your customers. Irrespective of the methodology used in arriving at your key performance indicators, it is an area that shouldn’t be left out when analyzing the efficiency and effectiveness of your agents.

Hold Time

This a call center KPI that deals with the amount of time. Usually measured in seconds, it is evaluated while the agent keeps the caller on hold during a call.

This also may extend to the required time to speak with someone else, check out important information, and speak with someone else to provide the best answer to the issue of every caller.

Many call centers also specifically outline the maximum length of time it might take to keep a caller on hold without the agent checking back with the caller.

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Sales Effectiveness

Sales effectiveness is a metric to evaluate the efficiency of each of your employees. It evaluates the total number of calls against the volume of successful sales achieved by an agent.

This is also another call center metrics to track to determine which of your employees is lagging and which is doing a perfect job. This will set you on the path of encouraging your employees not to relent in their quest to attain your business goals and targets.

Measure and Improve Your Call Center KPIs with Whatagraph

Whatagraph offers you a single and holistic approach to quality management, ensuring that all transactions and interactions are carefully monitored. And yes, the performance metrics are closely tied to the business objectives.

Whatagraph is providing a CallRail Live Report that will serve the optimum function of measuring the key metrics of your call centers.

Gintaras Baltusevicius
Written by Gintaras Baltusevicius

Gintaras is a marketing enthusiast who is always eager to explore the most up-to-date issues in data marketing. He is always in search for new and unexplored angles to share with his readers.

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