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PPC Reporting Guides for Agencies

Feb 14, 2020 3 min read

PPC report gives full details on what has happened the previous month, asides from giving numbers. And they are mostly done in a quick report, giving useful information needed, and this is basically how to know if a PPC report is good.

The stories of your data will be told, tying it to all your business goals and objectives, and also illustrate an understanding of both the client's term and long term goals in a good PPC report.

Why Create PPC Reports?

Creating a PPC report is necessary no doubt, but the main question is, what truly is the main goal when creating paid search reports? Just like I’ve stated above, it is to enable you to present your effective activities to your stakeholders.

Asides that, creating PPC reports also provides an opportunity that helps build a report with clients. And with this, you can easily discuss and explain things to your client if something seems not to be working at the moment.

The scope of this article is to guide all PPC agency marketers on how they can create a good client reports with AdWords reporting tool.

Below are five steps that must be followed:

  • Let Your PPC Report Be Definitive

It is important to note that a clear plan is needed to be made before writing or filling out numbers. Put yourself in the position of the client and think about what you would love to see in a report. Insightful reports will have some items which are:

  • Goals & Objectives
  • Wins
  • Losses
  • Opportunities
  • Challenges
  • Next steps
  • Aggregate numbers
  • High-level and detailed numbers

PPC reporting tool

  • You Must Identify Key Metrics for PPC Reporting

The thing about key metrics is that it will always relate to your goals and they will always be different based on the clients. This is the reason you should avoid having a static PPC reporting template. When creating your reporting template, it is important to know the interest of your client, what they would call success, and the particular numbers in which they are interested. The goal of the report is to make sure all of these are addressed.

  • Your PPC Report Should Be Populated with Clean Data

The common thing among people is that they are used to inputting data into reports manually. Meaning, most people download data from different sources and typing the same data into spreadsheets. This can lead to reporting issues and messing up of data entering.

  • Personalizing and Visualizing Your Report Is Important

When you’ve determined the system in which you are to create your reports, you must make it personal. Aside from creating key metrics that will match the need of your client directly, you must personalize them also by adding their color schemes and logo to the report. This will be so much appreciated by your clients.

  • There Should Be a Summary Report Included

This part is sometimes ignored. It is very important if you want to create a good report. Some customers are mostly attracted by this because it contains briefly what is required from the client and what is needed to be updated. Creating a summary will tell your client the things you’ve done are the things that you have in plan to do.

Note: these should not exceed two paragraphs, and sometimes creating in the form of a bullet list might make it easier for clients to go through it quickly.

PPC reporting tool


Reporting will always be important in as much as you are a PPC marketer. The goal is to make sure clients are updated on the overview of how hard you’re working on their behalf.

Getting feedback from your clients is necessary to know if your report is covering what is intended.


What is the report format?
This is a document that shows information in an organized format for a specific audience and purposes also.

What is a client report?
Client reporting is just the best way in which you improve and build your client-agency relationship. It is also the way you communicate and showcase your marketing results to your clients.

Written by Wendy

Wendy is a data-oriented marketing geek who loves to read detective fiction or try new baking recipes. She writes articles on the latest industry updates or trends.

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