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Measure your consolidated social media KPIs in this free report template. Consolidate your social media data into a single interface.

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Use a pre-built social media template.

This template was made for easy KPI tracking. It shows your target progress and goal completion. You will be able to share it with your team and keep them informed on their marketing efforts' success.

See vital performance trends in one place.

Gain valuable insights into the trends of your social media channels. Track changes in the number of followers, impressions, reach and engagement with your content. Use these insights to steer your social media strategy into success.


Audience overview

Become familiar with your audience and offer them engaging content. Know where your audience is from, their professions, interests, gender and more. An in-depth analysis will help you make better decisions on creative content.


Content performance

Follow the metrics of each post and learn what drives audience engagement. See impressions, likes, comments and more information about your top posts. Learn which type of posts are most successful and improve your content.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I write a social media report?

Before assembling your report, you must go through this simple checklist to format the report and frame it correctly for the right audience. The list is as follows:

  • Set your goals. Define what goals the report will be showcasing.
  • Define the audience. Learn who will be receiving your report and what metrics and goals will be vital to them.
  • Establish the time frame. Think of the time frame your report will be covering. Is it a weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly report?
  • Decide on metrics. Based on the information so far, pick the most relevant metrics that will showcase your targets, as well as challenges still ahead.
  • Design the report. Pick a design that is clean and focuses only on the most critical information.

Follow this checklist, and you will be good to go on your reports. If you need information fast, opt for Whatagraph's pre-built report templates for this exact purpose.

What should be in a social media report?

Information that goes into your report depends on your goals and KPIs you set. It also depends on what you want to showcase in that report and what demands immediate attention. Social media reports usually contain the number of followers, visits, clicks and overall engagement with content, lead conversion and showcases best-performing posts.

What is a social report?

A social report extracts comprehensive insights from social networks used to promote an organization's business. It is usually done over a set period of time and showcases performance and goal completion.