20 Instagram Stats That Matter the Most

Instagram continues to widen its horizons. Its growth is consequential to technological advancement which has transformed the world into a global village. As Instagram stats indicate, there is a tremendous leap in the usage of Instagram. An App that was initially used as a photo-sharing platform is today a ground for influencers, brands, and advertisers.


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That said, it’s paramount to strategize how your brand can benefit from Instagram maximally. Before you do that, first read these mind-blowing and important Instagram Stats. They will propel you to plan strategically.

  • 1 Billion People are Instagram Users

From Instagram demographics, there is one billion active usage of Instagram per month. This makes Instagram rank second from Facebook. Its major users are teens and young millennials. This tremendous usage is an indication that it matters to invest time and money on Instagram.

  • 66.1 Million Users to Join Instagram by 2020 (Worldwide)

This was 2019 prediction according to eMarketer. A big share of this growth is expected to come from the developing markets. Top markets like the US are also expected to grow steadily.

So it’s upon a marketer to use this information in defining the target audience.   

  • There are 500 Million Users of Instagram Stories Every day

Since 2016 when Instagram stories were launched, stories usage has been increasing. Today half a million people are using Instagram Stories every day. Such Instagram Stats indicate that stories are a top hit and every marketer should see them as a great Ad opportunity.

  • 63% of Instagram Users Log in Every Day

63% of users logging in at least once daily is on the higher side.  Also, note that 42% of users log in multiple times. This essentially means that Instagram suits both general and specific audiences. For specific, you’ll need to find out the particular time your audience engages Instagram most.

  • 50% of Instagram Users Follow a Brand

Instagram users follow brands and therefore there is a high potential to increase your reach via Instagram. With such Instagram stats, there is a great opportunity to market your brand either locally or worldwide. 

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  • Instagram Influences about 80% of Its Users to Make Buy Decision

Today’s buyer is more informed than ever. Anytime people want to buy, they will look for information online. 80% of Instagram users depend on Instagram to find out what others say about the product in question.

  • 25 Million Businesses Use Instagram for Business

On the realization that Instagram is highly popular, businesses are using it as a channel for Ads. That’s not all, for every ten hashtags on Instagram, seven have brands. So Instagram is not only useful for marketing but also a key KPI metric.

  • 71% of Instagram Users are Below 35yrs

According to Statista 2019, 71% of the billion active monthly users of Instagram are youth. If your target audience includes this demographic, then, utilize Instagram.  

  • Instagram Receives 4.2 Billion Likes Every Day

This is another of Instagram User Stats that are useful to influencers and marketers. It indicates that the average user taps more than thrice per day. This makes Instagram a very reliable place.

  • There are 2 Million Advertisers on Instagram Per Month

The usefulness of Instagram stories is skyrocketing and more brands than ever are investing in Story Ads. This is upon the realization that many users are affiliated with Instagram stories.

  • There is 52% Female on Instagram Against 48% Male

This overall mix is quite even. It indicates clearly that you need to study the demographics of your target audience well. You can’t take anything to chance. It will help you to make a better content strategy.

  • 12.62% of Instagram Users are Influenced by Instagram Stories to Love a Brand

Again, Instagram stories are getting more interesting and convincing to users. Any marketer who has not started using this social media bandwagon is losing on the market. If you are yet to, get started with this list of Instagram Stories Ideas.

  • Instagrammers Share an Average of 95 Million Photos and Videos Daily

Already, about 40 million photos have been posted on this network. People continue to engage daily with sharing photos and videos. Such Instagram stats are quite motivating to take the necessary steps.

  • 79% of Instagram Users Searched for More Information After Seeing it on Instagram

Many people rely on Instagram to get first-hand information. It rationally appears that users put a lot of trust in information conveyed through Instagram.

  • 14% of US Adults Rely on Instagram for News

Even a small percentage as this matters a lot to your business. While you can’t compare this to Facebook with 52% it’s wise to strategize using Instagram for your new product launches.

  • Instagram Influencers Receive $100-2000 Per Post on Average

This conveys there are goodies in Instagram Advertising. So as a marketer you can reach out to influencers to get a scoop in the market.

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  • Businesses in the US Spend 69% of their Budgets on Instagram Influencers

The high Instagram follower stats make Instagram preferable to influencers. There is no doubt that influencer marketing is a great strategy on Instagram.  

  • Instagram Receives 23% More Engagements on Images than Other Social Media Networks

Instagram leads other platforms when it comes to the level of image engagements. It’s more valued than even Facebook.  So it’s more useful when you want to use images in marketing.

  • Video Posts Get an Engagement of 38% More Compared to Image Posts

Learning this fact can help you to take advantage of Videos while using Instagram for business promotion. Use videos to communicate what your product does to reach a wider audience.

  • 66% of Business Profile Visits Come From Prospective Followers

This practically suggests including a strong business profile. It will help you gain traction with new audiences from Instagram.


  • How do I check my stats on Instagram?

First, you need to convert your profile to a business account. Then go to your profile and tap then tap Insight and select the posts or stories for which you want to view stats.  

  • Which countries use Instagram the most?

Instagram stats indicate that the United States is the top-ranked country with 110 million active users and has a penetration rate of 34%.

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Published on Feb 03, 2020



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