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Top 10 Instagram Tools for Marketers

Feb 03, 2020 4 min read

While all those who love photo sharing are taking to Instagram, marketers have spotted a marketing opportunity on Instagram. As Instagram stats indicate, there are 500 million users of this platform daily.

So, what does this mean to influencers and marketers?

It means a huge opportunity for creating awareness and driving traffic to ‘our’ content. To market on Instagram, you not only need to grow your following but also to have the targeted following. This won’t be achieved by doing things manually. You need to use a handful of Instagram marketing tools.

Instagram marketing tools come handy in your interaction with Instagram. They help you to engage and understand your audience better. Things to do with these tools include analytics, hashtag research, scheduling, reporting, and followers growth.

Here are the best Instagram tools you can use. We outline them according to their classification.

Analytics and Reporting Tools

If you want to have more than limited analytics that Instagram App offers, there are tools for that. Here are two that we recommend.

  • Whatagraph

Whatagraph is a digital marketing tool for use on Instagram and other social networks. It’s available in three tiers, professional, premium and enterprise plans.

It’ll help you find at what rate your Instagram account is growing. Also, you can monitor user engagement and know the best performing posts. Additionally, Whatagraph can help you discover the activity that is bringing more sales.   

Instagram performance graph  


  • Iconosquare

If you want to know the best time of the day a post gets the most engagement, use Iconosquare. It’s also helpful in finding the hashtags that work best for you. What it does is lets you find when your followers are online and hashtags that apply most to them.

The most recent Iconosquare has added features like publication and monitoring. Therefore, you can use it to analyze your competitor’s performance. For instance, you can monitor a competitor you share an audience and you come up with a strategy.instagram reporting tool

Content Scheduling Tools

These are official Instagram partners that you can use to schedule content without the need for separate Apps. They include:

  • Tailwind

Tailwind makes post scheduling quite easy. The most common scheduling features used include drag and drop calendar, sync function, hashtag recommendation, and hashtag lists. You can also use it for analytics functionality like trend reporting, profile metrics and more.

Tailwind is available for a free plan and paid plans too. The free one is limited but has very useful functionality. The cheapest Tailwind paid plan charges $15.99 per month for 400 posts. You can benefit from unlimited scheduling if you pay annually.

Are you still wondering how Tailwind is useful? It helps you to post when your audience is online.

  • Hootsuite

It’s one of the Instagram tools that are popular with Instagram users. This is because it works with other social networks as well. Therefore, it allows you to publish to other platforms too. Hootsuite essentially helps you to schedule your posts in advance.

So, it helps you to publish posts at your selected time. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to post at that time your audience is alert. To remain relevant to your audience, you need to publish posts often. The best approach is to schedule posts and Hootsuite comes in handy for that.

  • Sendible

This Instagram tool is just convenient for scheduling content. You get improved collaboration with your audience by using it. It allows you to schedule posts either individually or in queues. One of the Sendible features that you’ll love is a social media calendar. It displays your scheduled content.

In this calendar, you can drag and drop and tweak things around the way you want. You can also run Instagram reports with Sendible. Thus, you can know the most engaging content and optimal posting times.

Sendible can be useful if you have clients. You can set a client’s dashboard and have your work organized. You can then use Instagram inbox to respond to mentions fast.

  • Later

Many Instagram users prefer Later for posts scheduling.  This owes to its initial dedication as an Instagram scheduling tool. It was tool Instagram. But it was later committed to other social networks.

Some users have highly praised Later as an efficient planner. Its calendar feature allows seeing content in the pipeline and the best time to post. Later has a free plan for 30 days and paid plans with unlimited media support.

Later has a feature known as which you can use to shop an Instagram feed. You can also access Instagram analytics on Later.

instagram reporting tool

Instagram Optimization Tools

Here are the best Instagram tools for optimizing Instagram traffic.

  • Shorby

Shorby is commonly used as a bio link tool. It enables the creation of multiple bio links on a mobile-friendly smart page. The following features make Shorby fit for lead generation:

- It analyses clicks and builds up a custom audience from those who clicked your link

- It has a messenger option that allows your audience to contact you fast

- It creates a personal URL and avails it in your Instagram bio

- And, of course, the creation of unlimited links  

  • Layout

Layout will help you to optimize your images on Instagram. It allows you to select from a variety of layouts and format your photos the way you want. As such, you can crop, resize and flip images.

Users of concert photos love Layout for the way it allows them to combine photos and post them as one image.  Therefore, if you want to create collages of your photos — from a photoshoot or from your camera roll, have Layout. Its filters will also enable you to make additions to your collage.

Instagram Hashtag Tools

Instagram provides a very basic hashtag searching functionality. So you might want to use more elaborate tools for hashtags. Here are two tools you can use and they are free.

  • Webstagram

Webstagram is one of the best Instagram tools you can use for hashtags searches. It will show you a list of relevant hashtags as well as the number of posts in which they were applied. If you click on the listed hashtags, you will see the recent posts that used the hashtags.

Further, this tool can show you Instagram accounts with your hashtags in their profiles. If you love digging into hashtags, this is your tool.  

  • Seek Metrics

Its simple interface makes it easy to use. Seek Metrics can be very useful in searching for your group of hashtags—provides hashtags where your exact term was used. So, you can use to get relevant hashtags.

instagram reporting tool

Written by Wendy

Wendy is a data-oriented marketing geek who loves to read detective fiction or try new baking recipes. She writes articles on the latest industry updates or trends.

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