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Top 6 Critical Brand Awareness Metrics for Agencies

Brand awareness is currently the most popular metric. Key indicators that you should be aware of will be discussed here to assist you in increasing brand awareness.

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Indrė Jankutė-Carmaciu

Aug 16 2021 min read

Top 6 Critical Brand Awareness Metrics for Agencies

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    Whatagraph is renowned for its ability to generate reports quickly. This is especially useful when working with clients that require constant reporting. Weekly or monthly reports builts with Smart Builder or just by hand save a lot of time. 

    However, one type of report usually requires more time and consideration - a yearly report. Unlike other reports, an annual report reflects on changes that happen over a longer period of time and reviews the client’s long-term goals. Year on year, reports like these become increasingly valuable. 

    So, what is the most important metric to reflect on in the yearly report? While it can vary based on clients and their industries, the most frequent metric everyone is looking for is brand awareness. And while that can be hard to measure in itself, brand awareness can consist of several key metrics that, when put together, form the picture of how well the brand is known. 

    Here’s where we will go through 6 crucial metrics and reports, dashboards, and templates that best showcase each metric. 

    Brand recall - is your brand the first thing your customers search for? 

    Whatagraph’s pre-made SEO dashboard template is a great starting point for looking into brand recall. Here you can see organic traffic brought to your landing pages. With the template the way it is, you can analyze different keywords and their performance in getting traffic to your landing pages. That’s the best way to see how users interact with the name of your brand organically. 

    SEO Overview dashboard in Whatagraph

    Organic traffic - how visible is your brand on search engines?

    Yet another metric that can easily be determined by looking at the SEO dashboard template. How your website ranks on relevant keywords is just as important as people recalling your brand. That’s how users form associations between products or services and your brand, making it essential to cultivate this relationship. 

    Social mentions - is your brand attractive to social media users?

    A consolidated social media dashboard can give you quick insights into your brand’s performance on the biggest social media platforms. From Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to Snapchat, YouTube and more. The report gives you an overarching look into your audience, its changes over time, what posts they engage with the most and how it translates to your client’s goals.  

    Whatagraph's consolidated social media dashboard

    Visitor loyalty - do visitors return to your site often? 

    Metrics like these can be instantly reported on the Google Analytics dashboard template. While conversions are crucial to track - whether it’s product or service - returning customers are the key metric in measuring brand awareness. A growing number of these customers means an association formed between your brand and what it offers. 

    Google Analytics dashboard created in Whatagraph

    Email engagement - is your offering relevant to consumers? 

    Good email marketing can produce an ROI of $42 for every $1 spent. That’s why metrics like time spent on emails, click rates, even forwarding numbers can drastically improve your brand awareness and, most importantly - earn returning customers. Depending on the mailing platform you’re using, report templates for MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, or Hubspot can be beneficial. 

    Content reach - is your brand message resonating with your audience? 

    We already talked in previous points about the importance of returning customers. This metric is probably the best indicator of rising brand awareness. To get the elusive returning customer, it’s essential to hold their interest. And the best way to do so is through engaging content. The reach your content has can be viewed in two ways: either through a social media report or as landing pages to your website - of both! Whichever your preferred channel, content is still king. 

    Final notes 

    Based on this list, brand awareness is best determined by the following: 

    1. Number of returning customers;
    2. Content engagement;
    3. Online visibility. 

    While each of these metrics can be analyzed further, we consider them the critical aspects of brand awareness. Adding all these one-page dashboard templates to your yearly or quarterly report will keep your clients informed on how well their brand is doing. Alternatively, you can also review our template for a standard annual report by logging in for 7 days free of charge, connecting your channels and viewing how well your clients are doing! 

    Published on Aug 16 2021

    Whatagraph marketing reporting tool


    Indrė Jankutė-Carmaciu

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