Essential Search KPIs to Boost SEO

If you don’t measure it, you can’t improve is a very popular dialogue, but this is very true in reality. Measuring the search KPIs to boost your SEO results is very important, it helps you to understand which SEO metrics of your site are performing and which needs improvements. In this article, we will look at several search KPIs that help you to boost your SEO results.


1. Monitoring Organic Traffic

The main purpose of SEO is to generate organic and relevant traffic on your website. To effectively monitor the organic search its important that you know how much traffic you are generating through search results and what’s its conversion rate. These two important search KPIs can really help to effectively monitor the organic traffic. With KPI reports you may track it and know how well you are working.

2. Monitor Visitor Engagement

Once you generate the traffic on your website, the next step is to engage with customers to generate sales. If you currently engaging with the customers so its important to monitor the visitor’s engagement to know its performance. Following are the search KPIs that you should use to monitor visitor engagement

  • Percentage of visitors that send a message on site
  • Number of visitors that share social media post
  • Conversion rate
  • Percentage of visitors clicking on the call to action
  • Average time per visitor on site
  • Number of engaged audiences

3. Conversion Rate

The best way to know whether your SEO strategy is working or not is to have a look at the conversion rate of your site. The best search KPI to know about it is to get the conversion rate out of the total number of leads. However, if you are a new business then conversion rate might not be the right search KPI for you.

It’s great if you are getting conversions at the start but mostly businesses achieve sales after a few months of the launch of the business. So as a new business your first strategy should be to generate traffic on your site and gradually aim for conversions.

4. Search Visibility Score

Search visibility score is the number of clicks that you receive against your organic search results based on the keywords you are targeting. This is a very important search KPI as it helps in knowing the percentage of people who click on your website against a certain keyword. The higher the visibility score, the better the chances you must be visible on the search engine and generate organic traffic on your website.

5. Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Click through rate shows the average percentage of people click on your website link on after seeing in its search results. CTR is a very important search KPI as it shows the authenticity and trust of people on your website. If your website ranks on 7th number and people click on it first leaving the first six sites.

That shows people trust on your website and increases the chances of your website to rank higher. You can check the click-through rate in the search analytics report in the Google search console.

6. Keyword Search Volume

Keywords play very important in making your SEO perform better and give effective results. Most of your site SEO is based on keywords research to get organic traffic on your site through clicks on those keywords. To boost your SEO, it’s important to know the volume of the keywords your target audience is based on. For example, you are a shoe seller so you should know how many times people search for shoes in a month and against what keywords.

This KPI will help you in forming your SEO and marketing strategy. Also, if you rank in the top 10 searches against certain keyword then your keywords seem to be performing well and you should use those keywords in content marketing to capitalize on your success.

If your website doesn’t rank in the top 10 searches then you must revise your marketing strategy and do more research to find better and targeted keywords. This search KPI will really help you make improvements in your SEO and perform better.

7. Return on Advertisement Spending

The main focus of any business to spend on marketing and SEO is to generate profit out of it. Obviously, as a business owner, you would surely want to know what results you are getting from investing so much into marketing. So return on ad spend is a very important search KPI that you surely consider for your business.

Calculating return on ad spend can be a bit tricky sometimes. You would have to choose the metric on you which you calculate your return. For example, as a part of SEO, generating traffic on your site can be returned on investment but generating traffic isn’t only enough. Having conversions out of that traffic is more important. So you need to very well create a process to calculate the return on your ad spend.


In this technological world, ignoring the importance of SEO isn’t possible. It plays a key role in generating organic traffic on your site and increasing the chances of conversion. To get the best out of SEO strategy, it's important to closely monitor certain search KPIs to understand the current search status and form strategies to further improve on it.

Published on Feb 11, 2020




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