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SEO Analytics: Step-by-step Guide

Feb 11, 2020 6 min read

SEO analytics is defined as method of collecting own data to acquire organic traffic on your website. SEO analytics basically helps in increasing the organic traffic on your site through analyzing data. To master SEO analytics, you need SEO reporting, execution, task planning, and analysis to generate traffic on your site.

How Does SEO Analytics Help in Improving Search Engine Optimization?

SEO analytics works based on data collected from your website. It makes your search engine free from any type of guesses, horoscopes, team politics, and client preferences. It enables data based on audience behavior, interests, and search patterns. Having an effective SEO analytics process helps the marketing team to analyze the following things:

  • Understand what’s going on;
  • Analyze why it is going on;
  • Find better opportunities and gaps;
  • Provide insightful recommendations on how to go on;
  • Analyze the expected results of the recommended action.

Take a Strong Start

SEO analytics is a big tool that helps improve your site SEO through various tools and data-driven decisions. So to make a strong start as a marketing agency the first step is to find clients.

Client Types

It might be hard to find clients that prefer SEO analytics than executing the SEO. But it’s really important to spend on SEO analytics to understand the SEO and improve on it. The best way can be to research clients who prefer data-driven decisions to make a marketing decision. These clients may have the following traits in common. 

  • Great knowledge of marketing 
  • High reliance on data to make decision 
  • Willingness and capacity on work on data-driven ideas
  • Focused on long term

Start With a Small Budget 

SEO analytics is used to take your marketing to the next level and convert it from good to better. So the chances of mistakes at the start can be high therefore, it’s advisable to start with a small budget and gradually develop on it.

$3k/month can be a very good amount to get started with SEO analytics. SEO analytics not only requires your skills but also a great amount of your time. So when you get started or a new project that requires a major implementation it’s better to start with small. 

Set up for SEO Measurement and Testing

Once you have found you, clients, now it’s time to get started with SEO measurement and testing tools. Several SEO analytics tools help you to get various data to improve your SEO performance. 

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a widely used tool all over the world to get data on your website. It shows you where your audience is coming from, age, behavior, interests, and several other tools that help can help you a lot make your marketing more effective. Google Analytics is very easy to integrate on your website to get the actionable data. It also very easily integrates with other SEO analytics tools.

Such as Google search console helps you to know what happened on the google before the organic click. And Goggle analytics shows you what happened on your site after the click. Connecting both these tools will give you a clear picture. 

You can also do keyword research through various tools such as keyword Hero, on-page SEO data, and get engagement data from hot jar and event data from Google tab Manager. 

2. Google Tab Manager for One-Stop Tracking 

This tool is really helpful and has very advanced tracking options to track the data. It’s also very quick to implement on your website. Beyond providing tacking tags, it also allows you to add code on your website through on-page optimization. Some samples of Goggle tab manager for SEO include: 

Allows GTM to record an engagement event when the website visitor spends more than 45 seconds on your website. In this way, any visitor taking interest on your website blogs and spending more than 45 seconds will not be counted as bounce anymore.

Usually, Google Analytics considers it a bounce when the user only views the first page and leaves the site. In the case of blogs, a visitor can easily find what he is looking for in the first paragraph and he is most likely to remember you on google in case he is looking something similar. 

You can also implement Google native scroll tracking to get engagement metrics for your website. They will help in understanding how the landing page matched the requirements of the searcher’s intent. 

3. Google Ads to Boost the Traffic and Improve Organic Rankings

Around half of the Search engine optimization project use Google Adwords as a tool to improve the traffic and organic results on your website. Here are some ways through which Google Adwords can help you to align synergy with SEO analytics tools. 

  • Provide an understanding of winning keywords and landing page performance data through various search ads which can help to grow the organic traffic on your site;
  • In the case of less organic search results, paid google ads can prove to be the best SEO analytical tool and generate instant results for your site;
  • The cost of paid search can be used to best judge the idea of investment you would need to generate traffic for your site. 

4. Keyword Hero to Get Full Data of Your Site

The Keyword hero is one of the best analytical tools used for Seo analytics. It offers the latest technology built with advanced algorithms to provide the best data for your site. This tool provides 95% more of the keywords to accompany you with the best keywords. At the time of the initial setup, the keywords hero provides you the new property in Goggle analytics accounts and allows you to choose the goal of your site in Google Analytics account. 

It provides you the exact form which keyword most of your traffic is coming from. That helps marketers a lot to form their marketing strategy based on that data. 

5. SEM Rush for Keywords and Additional Ranking Strategy 

SEMrush is one of the most popular tools used for SEO analytics and reporting. It offers a variety of features with a price of $99 per month. It provides a full suite of tools that can be learned by any beginner or intermediate level. Its plan cover everything from social media analysis to monitoring the backlinking of your site. It is considered as one-stop-shop for many agencies with its innovative products and services.

SEMrush offers a variety of features such as Ad builder, social media analysis along with easy integration with major software. The only downside is it’s relatively expensive from other software and offers only one user login.

Step 3 - Data Visualization via SEO Analytics

There is no doubt in the fact that SEO plays a very important role in generating traffic on your site. But SEO isn’t a one-time process, it’s a long-term process and requires constant improvement and changes to master’s in it. SEO analytics helps to strengthen this process, it provides a big data tool that gives you confidence and knowledge to SEO related decisions.

In this new world, data is the new oil and without your car can’t run. In other words, your business can’t run if you don’t have effective data to support your marketing decisions. So it’s important to have to incorporate the above-mentioned tools in your business to get the relevant data and do SEO analytics to support your business and marketing decisions.


If you have read it all then there is no point to further elaborate on the importance of SEO analytics in this data-driven world. The only thing we would mention is SEO analytics is a complex process and you need time to learn the skills and master in it. But there are several SEO analytics tools available in the market that has made the job much easier for you.

Written by Mike

Former data analyst and the head of Whatagraph blog team. A loving owner of two huskies, too.

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