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6 +1 Must-Have Marketing Report Templates for Digital Agencies

There are lots of great reasons to become a marketer. Promising career prospects, working with great people and brands, the potential for a great salary…

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Mile Zivkovic

Apr 06 2022 8 min read

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    However, it's unlikely that a marketer will begin their career because of the attraction to large amounts of data. Collecting and showing that data can be challenging (and tedious) for even the most talented marketers. To save time, we marketers use a variety of tricks, including report templates.

    They can systemize your workflows, reduce time spent on admin tasks and improve your relationship with your clients. The good news is that there’s a report template for just about every marketing activity out there.

    Today, we’ll give you our top picks for agency marketing report templates and explain what makes each useful and special.

    What Are Marketing Reports? 

    A marketing report visualizes data from your clients’ marketing channels and allows you to create a customized report with the most important metrics.

    Moreover, it allows you to keep track of your clients’ marketing performance across all of their marketing channels quickly and easily. A report also tells you how your digital marketing KPIs and efforts are performing and where they may need to be improved.

    When Should an Agency Start Creating Marketing Reports?

    Well, how soon do you want to see your client’s marketing strategy succeed? Regardless of your advertising or marketing strategy stage, both you and your clients can benefit from a marketing report. 

    Our advice? Don’t wait; use our marketing report template and see its benefits & values of it yourself. 

    Start creating reports as soon as possible to show your marketing data in context and keep your clients up to date. It's time to use real-time data to your advantage when creating paid ads, content, or anything else that generates revenue, raises brand awareness, and ultimately increases sales for your clients.

    The Importance of Marketing Report Templates

    While creating marketing reports from scratch may seem like a good idea, the reality is that it takes far too much time to do manually. And especially if you have a large number of clients, just creating reports can take hours every day.

    Instead of going the slow way, you can start from a template and make things easier for yourself. The clients will appreciate it too because they’ll get a standardized report each time. But let’s show off some more reasons why report templates are so important.

    • Easy access to a variety of pre-made report templates.

    Apps such as Whatagraph come with vast libraries of ready-to-use templates. That way, you won't waste time creating reports from scratch, no matter what you want to use them for. A proper reporting solution will have a variety of use cases, from social media, PPC, SEO, and more.

    • Reports with key metrics and KPIs are ready to be used.

    Not sure what metrics to include in your report? Take a look at the most commonly used ones. Pre-made templates with pre-selected metrics will provide you with a general overview of your clients’ marketing efforts while also saving you time on researching metrics.

    • Effortlessly manage multiple clients.

    Wouldn't it be better to spend more time interacting with your clients instead of spending hours on reporting? Pre-made templates help you save time when it comes to data reporting.  Start using marketing report templates and go spend more time delivering excellent work for your clients!

    40+ data

    Top 6 Marketing Report Templates For Agencies

    Without further ado, here are some great templates that you can use and learn from today.

    1. Cross-Channel Marketing Report Template

    Marketing agencies have multiple clients and run marketing campaigns on different channels. A cross-channel marketing report template will pull data from various sources to compare how each one is performing on its own and compared to each other. With Whatagraph’s cross-channel reporting, you can effortlessly monitor LinkedIn and Facebook ads’ campaign performance, for example.

    Some of the benefits of a cross-channel report include:

    • Immediate understanding of the effectiveness of content marketing and learning what type of content people tend to engage with;
    • Easily spotting which marketing channels are performing the best and learning which ones need more attention;
    • Understanding of the user journey. The cross-channel report will show you how your target audience interacts in terms of what they click on and where they leave;
    • Identify the demographics of the different social media platforms are.

    A cross-channel marketing report can track and monitor different metrics according to your needs. Some of them could be:

    • Conversion rate;
    • CTR;
    • ROAS;
    • Bounce rate.

    2. Social Media Report Template

    Want to check how effective your social media marketing is? The social media report template will pull data both from organic and paid sources. With data visualization, you can use graphs and tables to present important metrics and your initiatives’ performance.

    ​​When it comes to social media channels, you can integrate Whatagraph with the most popular ones like Instagram Insights and Ads, Twitter, LinkedIn Pages and Ads, Facebook Insights and Ads, and YouTube.

    These are a couple of the most important KPIs to track in social media reports:

    1. Top performing posts;
    2. Impressions;
    3. Likes and followers;
    4. Engagement.

    40 data sources

    Whatagraph’s social media report is especially beneficial because of how organized it is across different channels. You can easily spot what kind of ROI you’re generating from each social media platform. With divisions for each of your social media sites – one for Facebook, one for Twitter, one for LinkedIn, and so on - you can assess where you should be investing more time and attention.​​

    3. PPC Marketing Report Template

    The PPC digital marketing report template generates a summary of all your PPC efforts in one place. In other words, this specific template would be the most beneficial for you to determine how your clients’ PPC campaigns are performing. 

    Create your first report using our PPC marketing template. Analyze campaign performance across main stakeholders and evaluate top-performing ads for opportunities for improvement.

    PPC marketing report template

    ​​Whatagraph can automatically extract data from your Google Ads, Google Search Console accounts, and Google Analytics, among others. You can use this report to effortlessly track CTR, clicks, impressions, CPC, and identify the areas that require additional attention.

    consolidated ppc report


    4. SEO Report Template

    Want to optimize your pages to rank higher in search engine results? An SEO report template is a solution worth considering. 

    It has everything you might need to keep an eye on what your competitors are doing and how they're doing it.

    For example, Whatagraph allows you to compare your competitors' data to your own SEO efforts and identify the areas where you should concentrate your efforts. You can also compare your organic traffic growth to that of your competitors by looking at your backlink profile and past trends.

    • Examine your website's overall performance.

    cross-channel reports

    In just a few clicks, the SEO marketing campaign report template provides in-depth data to your clients. Track and display organic traffic, clicks, impressions, CTR, link-building analytics, and more for your website. Learn how your efforts are doing and progressing, and then optimize based on the data.

    seo report template

    • Allows analyzing keywords and SERP positions to track your search visibility.

    Finally, the SEO Campaign report template helps in the evaluation of your best-performing content. Find out why there was an increase in organic traffic or session time, and use that information when launching future campaigns.

    seo overview dashboard.


    5. E-Commerce Performance Report Template

    Typically, you aim to attract customers by launching social media marketing campaigns, Google Ads, and other paid channels. The e-commerce performance report template will display which of these channels perform the best and what sort of demographics are being attracted.

     Ecommerce performance report template

    You must first determine which campaigns provide the greatest value to your clients’ stores in their eCommerce analytics statistics. The number of sessions, transactions, and transaction revenue generated by these campaigns are displayed below in an example of a great report.

     eCommerce analytics statistics
    With this report, you can also see how sales are distributed by country, among other things. This should give you a fair idea of where your consumers are coming from geographically.

    6. Email Marketing Report Template

    Seeing who really reads emails can be helpful for marketers trying to convert prospects from their sales pipeline. Not only that but defining your audience, learning what emails get higher CTR and longer read time is simply essential. With this report template, you can track the open rate, conversion rate, and reply rate.

    Email marketing report template

    With this data, your clients’ email campaigns can be effectively optimized to even drive more conversions.

    Grab this email marketing report template and start discovering which campaigns resonate with your audience the most. 

    +1 Bespoke Digital Marketing Report Template - We Can Build a Report for You!

    Whatagraph has a report building service that can build bespoke reports that meet specific agency requirements.

    1. Sign up for a free account and connect your data.

    It's simple to get started. Quickly sign up for a free Whatagraph account and add a data source. We'll be able to create your dashboard immediately in your account.

    1. Tell us about your dashboard requirements.

    After you sign up, a member of our specialist team will contact you to learn more about your requirements. You may already have dashboards in place, a list of channel KPIs to monitor, or even just a basic concept of what data you'd like to analyze. Please share any relevant information with our team and we’ll create some magic for you.

    1. Make good use of your dashboard

    Our team of professionals will create your dashboard in 48 hours. After a brief walkthrough with our team, you can begin using it right away.

    Find more information about the free marketing analytics report template offer. 

    Advice - Start reporting with Whatagraph and save time by employing automated reports now. No matter how often you want to send a marketing dashboard or report, on a monthly basis or yearly, you can save your template and automate it.

    white-label customize

    Wrapping Up

    Marketing agencies shouldn’t waste time on manual reporting. In fact, with the proper reporting tools like Whatagraph, they could be saving some valuable time. 

    So, what exactly are you waiting for? Sign up for a free trial and save time and money today!


    1. How do you write a marketing report?

    Writing a proper marketing report is a complex and difficult task. It requires information such as your goals, KPIs, and, ideally, a reporting tool. 

    As we don’t know your goals or KPIs (these are very specific things to each client and marketing agency), we can tell you how to write a marketing report with a reporting tool.

    • Create Whatagraph account 

    No credit card is needed; you can try it for free for 7 days! It will take you less than 5 minutes to do so.

    • Connect your client’s tools 

    Are you promoting your client’s business on Instagram and Google? No problem. Aggregate data from both into a single page.

    • Customize and automate the marketing report

    Now you can play around with our features. First, alter the report as needed (change colours, fonts, domains and logos). Then, automate the report to be sent out on needed time frequencies. 

    2. What are marketing reports used for?

    Marketing reports are used for showcasing customer behavior habits, understanding marketing strategy’s performance and learning which campaigns are bringing the best results.

    3. What does a marketing report contain?

    Here is the list of the most common things you should consider including in your marketing report:

    • A goal widget. To always stay on track with your performance and see how you are reaching your goals;
    • Key metrics. 
    • Notes. Add a couple of sentences to the report explaining any performance spikes or drops;
    • Tables, graphs, charts. To easily spot customer behaviour and immediately learn about current trends.

    Published on Apr 06 2022

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