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When it comes to online business marketing, analytics are crucial, and there is nothing else to supplement that. This is because the success of online marketing requires that businesses understand their website visitors or target audiences as well as their behaviors. If you have not been taking cognizance of how visitors interact with your website, there is definitely no how you can improve.

Whatagraph marketing reporting tool
Gintaras Baltusevičius

Jul 07 2020 6 min read

Google Analytics Alternative

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  • SE Ranking
  • Piwik
  • Whatagraph
  • Kissmetrics
  • Woopra
  • FoxMetrics
  • NeedleAnalytics
  • Chartbeat
  • Mention
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In web analytics, people often resort to one common tool that reigns supreme, no doubt. Google Analytics is free, widespread, and popular. That's incredible, right? But do you know that Google Analytics can be a bit hard to use? And of course, it can be a little invasive. This is because it involves that you hand over your huge heap of data to one of the largest corporations in the world; Google.

Are you in search of an alternative to Google analytics? Do you feel much concerned about your privacy? Or probably you are considering trying new web analytics tools? There are lots of other options to the famous and renowned Google Analytics tool.

Do you want to deny Google access to all your business data? Or probably you are looking for alternatives with additional functionalities? Read this article to get familiar with the alternatives to Google analytics. The tools we'll be revealing here may not offer the features and functionalities you've been enjoying on Google Analytics, but hey, all of them also offer free plans or free trials.

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SE Ranking

When it comes to total and comprehensive website analytics, SE Ranking is one of the powerful alternatives to Google Analytics. With SE Ranking, online business marketers will enjoy a detailed view of their traffic sources. Apart from that, it also offers a wide range of other features, such as tracking website traffic and rankings, the depth of information, and custom reports. Also, it offers features like competitor monitoring, backlinks monitoring, paid web analytics solutions, and social media activities.

SE Ranking allows users to build between websites and provide useful data points regarding the client's websites. This web analytics tool also has a simple, clean, and clear interface that fosters a smooth and hassle-free understanding of website data. Graphs and diagrams on SE Ranking make information accessible and straightforward to digest for visual people. Without any doubt, SE Ranking is a tool that offers valuable tips and tricks based on the website's analysis.


One other great Google Analytics alternative is Piwik. This web analytics tool offers a wide range of features and solutions, though the setup might be a bit tricky. Using the paid version requires that you have the software installed on your server. So, it requires some forms of technical know-how. The company is available to offer assistance if there are any problems with the installation. Piwik boasts of a responsive team to attend to your concerns regards bugs discovered around the system.

The range of features Piwik offers a customizable dashboard, marketplace plugin, a well-detailed log of individual visitors, and goal tracking features.


Whatagraph is a Google Analytics alternative that automates the reporting of web analytics. This is usually done by collecting and collating data from marketing channels. After this, the analytics will be presented in a simple, clear, and understandable way to clients and customers. Whatagraph also offers a wide range of incredible features which includes:

  • Customizable templates.
  • Automated generation of reports and e-mail delivery.
  • Collection and collation of data from multiple sources.
  • Flexible data range reporting.

live reportWhatagraph is a web analytics reporting solution that is primarily designed to assist digital agencies in achieving their goals. However, it also presents valuable insights into small business owners. The only requirement is that you set up different channels and data sources.z

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Kissmetrics is another incredible alternative to Google analytics. The benefit of this web analytics tool is that it provides an opportunity for great web analytics at an individual level. In the simplest term, this is a great Google analytics alternative that helps to track your website visitors.

This tool allows for easy optimization of conversion rates by providing a comprehensive and detailed visitor action. Apart from that, it also offers unlimited funnel reports, data segmentation, A/B split testing, and many more. Of course, the setup requires technical knowledge, as it might seem complicated. However, Kissmetrics provides plugins for most popular systems.

This software does not only serve business owners, but it also offers solutions for eCommerce platforms, SaaS, mobile applications, and many more.


When it comes to a web analytics tool that offers an intuitive and attractive web dashboard coupled with several incredible analytics features, Woopra is not an exception. This Google analytics alternative shows online marketers the trends and performance of web visitors. This includes the number of visitors online currently, and the specific content they are reading.

The behavioral profile created by this software is incredible, as business marketers will be able to study the behaviors of their visitors on their website.

Woopra offers several exciting features, such as blog authors, comments, tracked categories, and more. Apart from that, it also provides advanced segmentation, live chat feature, real-time stats, live reporting, and custom tagging. Woopra can be easily integrated with your online store, where you'll easily monitor your web visitors and their behaviors.


FoxMetrics operates by combining traffics analytics with automated messages of personal messages. As a result, this tool is a perfect blend of analytics and marketing automation. FoxMetrics is an incredible Google analytics alternative. Its relevance is attributed to its ability to integrate data from multiple channels efficiently. Other features of this tool include reporting, real-time data, web widgets, and research.


Undoubtedly, Needle analytics is another Google Analytics add-on. This implies that the tool only enriches the already generated data from your Google Analytics profile. If you have a particular pattern of web visitor's behavior that you've been unable to explore, you can easily do that with Needle analytics.

This software explores the collected and collated data to identify specific user behavior for you. Usually, this is done with the help of advanced artificial intelligence. With Needle analytics, you'll be able to gain insight into a particular segment of your web visitors that you are not even aware of. Needle Analytics is a great tool that doesn't require much hassle, especially if you are a data scientist.

As a small business owner, using this tool requires that you'd developed a passion for data analysis. This is the only thing that will help you get the real value of the Needle analytics tool.

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Chartbeat is another excellent content intelligence solution that helps to reveal data from mobile and desktop users. The information provided by this tool includes top pages, mentions, traffic sources, twitter links, server load, and many more. With Chartbeat, gaining insight into the performance of your content is simple and hassle-free. Apart from that, you'll also be able to optimize the under-performing content to match the reader's engagement.

Also, Chartbeat offers scroll mapping, as well as the option to view how web visitors are connecting with your content. And more importantly, you'll gain insight into how visitors found their ways to your website and why. Chartbeat is an excellent tool that grants online marketers access to a comprehensive overview of content performance, video content analysis, and editorial key performance indicators.


Mention is also a comprehensive monitoring tool for media. It is specifically designed to reveal where, how, and when your brand is mentioned online. It is also configured to show both positive and negative mentions of your brand and competitors. This is done using sentiment analysis, as it provides a detailed analysis of your market.

Mention is an alternative to Google analytics that enables users to get a well-defined brand intelligence and reports that can be easily shared with customers, clients, and colleagues. With Mention, you'll get a huge list of valuable data such as shares, likes, and reach. The influencer dashboard is a feature that shows exactly the number of top people mentioning your brand. Incredibly, if you lack the funds to check Mention every day, you'll always receive e-mail digest detailing top mentions.


Google Analytics is undoubtedly an excellent tool. But it's not the only available option out there if you want to gain insight into your website analytics. If Google analytics fails to meet your requirements or you worry about your privacy, you should take a look at some of the Google analytics alternatives we've listed in this article.

Of course, if you decide to partner with Google analytics competitors, you might be required to make certain payments as subscription fees. However, if their offerings and features are suitable for your business, the price might be worthwhile. Plus, many of the alternatives we've listed in this piece offer a free plan for smaller businesses.

Remember, the most popular ones aren't always the best. And the best ones aren't still the best for you. The best is one that can help achieve your business goals.

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Published on Jul 07 2020

Whatagraph marketing reporting tool


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