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Google Analytics Reporting for Agencies

Feb 05, 2020 3 min read

At first, the reports may seem hard to interpret, but after learning what they tell and how to use them to your advantage; the sky is the limit. When you understand how these reports work and use them to measure and monitor the performance of your site.

The following are some of the best Google Analytics reports.

Acquisition Report

The Acquisition report informs you where your visitors are coming from and help you measure the performance of various traffic channels. It is a crucial report that enables you to focus your marketing efforts in the right direction and acquire or drive traffic and sales.

The Google Analytics Acquisition report tells you which marketing tactics are most useful and which channels hold the highest conversion rate. Some of the most common Analytics acquisition channels are such as organic search, social, direct search referral, and paid search.

Audience Report

The Audience Report helps you understand your audience better and give information about your audiences, such as where they live, what languages they speak, what their interests are, their behavior and their age and gender. Understanding your audience is a crucial part of an effective campaign.

Google Analytics reporting  

Landing Pages Report

The Landing pages report shows you the most popular landing pages as well as the number of visitors that have landed on every page in a specific period. Also, the pages they visited after the landing page, how long they stayed, how many visitors were repeated, and how many were new visitors.

Landing pages report also tells you the bounce rate; the bounce rate is when someone leaves your entrance page without interacting. This report gives you information about the user’s retention rate, which page is performing better, and how well the pages are converting. Moreover, it tells which page is causing an increase in the bounce rate and needs improvement, the lower the bounce rate, the better.

Exit Page Report

Exit page report shows the page from which people leave your site after viewing; for instance, the number of times visitors leave a website from a specified page. The page's exit rate indicates the percentage of the visitors' exit from it after they visit any page or pages on the site.

Site Speed Overview Report

Site Speed Overview gives you a report on your site performance and lets you monitor the speed of your site over time. It tells you the average load time of all of your site pages; then you can identify the problems that are causing your site speed to slow down and address them. The most important reports you should look for in site speed overviews are the average page load time, server response time, and page download time. 

Goal Overview Report

Goal overview is a vital google analytic report that not only shows you the progress of all your efforts but also helps you improve. It allows you to track and measure the success of the goals you have set up for your site or business, and you can monitor the goal completion, goal conversion rate, and abandonment rate. For instance, the conversion rate goal shows the percentage of successful sessions on the site. 

Mobile Overview Report

As the use of mobile devices is increasing rapidly, it is vital to understand the needs of your mobile visitors. Therefore, you need to have a mobile-first approach and ensure that your site is optimized for the range of devices available. Mobile overview report not only gives you the information about data for desktops (computer, laptop or PlayStations), mobiles and tablets but also provides details about what type of mobile was used.

Google Analytics Automated Reports

You don’t have to spend a lot of time every day to gather and send the data. Automated Google Analytics reports are a great way to reduce your work to a few clicks in three simple steps:

  1. Set up the regular reports in Google Analytics.
  2. Install Google Analytics Sheets add-on and create reports in Google Sheets with data from Google Analytics. 
  3. Automatically update them on a schedule you select, and email them.


How Do I Share Google Analytics Reports With Others?

There are many ways you can share Google Analytics reports with others. You can either export the data into Excel, Google Sheets, pdf etc. or share from the dashboard. You can set up automatic emails containing Google Analytics reports to send regularly by clicking the share button at the top right corner and then choosing how frequently you want to send the reports. 

What Can I Track With Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a powerful tracking tool offered by Google. It is an ROI for digital marketing and helps you track pretty much everything, including users’ behavior, your goals, and conversion rate.

Written by Mike

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