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How Much Social Media Impressions Matter?

Since the emergence of social media, there have been lots of knowledge within this sphere. Attention is given to advertisements and how people around the world relate to posts or ads – these answers why people always want to see how many impressions they got from their posts or ads.

Krystyna Krajevskaja

The social media impression is the number of persons who sees your ads or your post. As said earlier, different social media platform has their ways of measuring ‘impression’ – generally, the impression is the number of people who sees your post, this does not necessarily require them to click or engage with the post.

The social media platform now gave us the opportunity to see how many people see our post and also, those who interact with them (Impression and engagement). As stated earlier all social media has a technique for the measurement of impression. If this is not really necessary do you think it will be used by all? That is due to the fact that they help make life easy in our world of digital marketing.


Counts its impression by the number of times an advertisement is viewed for the first time it is seen. Being one of the most popular media, it has the ability to generate lots of impression because of its massive users. 


This platform has gained a lot of popularity in recent times, its users are all around the world. Instagram measures its impression by the total number of times people post an advertisement. 

Instagram stats


It's the number of times people using twitter saw a specific tweet. This platform offers it an analytical tool for everyone. They are also one of the most used social media platforms we have today.

It is very good you understand how these platforms calculate their impression for you to relate well with it. You all know that the social media platform is a channel whereby communication and marketing take place amongst other activities.

These platforms do not offer their members impression for nonetheless – to make users get aware of the statistics. We have organized some reason why social media impression matters, read below to see how much you should give your social media to bring your ads to the public.

Social Media Impression Are Good Determinant

You should be informed that all impression generated is what is generally used in public relations. An organization can strategically put out content to see how engaging or active the content can be, from there, the media will automatically come to it, which gets an impression based on what this content has for social media users.

We can also see this impression as people’s reactions to a particular service or advertisement. The social media impression is gaining much popularity in recent times this is because of the increasing number of people who uses these internet platforms.

Social Media Impression Is a Form of Awareness

The social media impression is one of the best ways to make people aware of your product or your service. As our society has gone past times whereby it was very difficult to reach out to the larger population because of location barriers. With the help of social media, you can reach your intended population around the globe.

Most persons today do go to the media to advertise their product, but you should note that these persons are not just generating media impressions but also generating awareness to all their prospective customers. A hypothetical example is someone who sells cars and wants to reach out to the larger population, certainly, he can reach out to them through the media, this is because the platform has a significant amount of the world population actively using it. 

When you are consistently getting more impression and engagement with your advertisement more persons get more awareness concerning your product or service. The social media impression has proven to be very reliable.

With the Social Media Impression, You Will Get to Know How People Appreciate Your Brand

You should be informed that people will only get to know what you want them to know, so you will have to post ads to get how people appreciate your brand through the impression you will be generating from this post OR ads. Apparently, the comments, likes, and share you get on your post or on your ads will determine how people appreciate your brand. Getting them, all depends on the engagement you get on your ads.


How Do You Calculate Social Media Impressions?

In the earlier part of this explorative article I made it known that technically, your impression is the number of persons that sees your post or advertisement. And I stated that it cut across different social media platforms which I explained in the latter part of this piece.

What Is an Impression on Facebook?

The Facebook platform do calculate their impression based on the number of times an advertisement is viewed for the first time it is seen. Facebook defines its impression as the number of times your advertisement appears on the screen. For example, if someone scrolling down their Facebook page and your ads popup, if the person returns back (scroll back), that account to just one single impression.

With Facebook, a single person can also generate up to two impressions within 24hrs. So, if a person opens Facebook in the morning, and your ads popup, he scrolls back to it and left, at night if the same occurs that means the person successfully adds two impressions with 24hrs.

What Is the Difference Between Impression and Engagement?

There is a gap between impression and engagement, impression generally means how many persons that viewed your post while engagement is the number of persons that interact with it, this the number of clicks, share, comment – generally, engagement is the aim of every advertisement or post.

What Is an Impression on Instagram?

Impression on Instagram is the total number of times, people, a post/story or an advertisement.

Published on Feb 05, 2020

Krystyna Krajevskaja


Krystyna Krajevskaja

Krystyna is a content writer who believes optimizing the way you report data is the key to a good marketing strategy.

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