What Is Client Reporting and Why Is It so Important?

Everyone involved in the money management business should make client reporting an integral part of their job to provide their clients with the right data about the outlook and performance of their investment strategy.


Nothing makes clients happier than a chart presenting the success of their campaign. But, collecting and organizing all that data in charts and writing up client reports can be an arduous task. And yes, it does take time and effort, but it’s one of the most important things to do for yourself and your client. It’s the key to your success that will help you get to the top.

It’s the best way to build a strong relationship with your client and share your marketing results with them so that they know you are working hard for them. Client reporting is the way to keep your clients and grow your business.

What Is Client Reporting?

It’s the presentation of the results achieved and the performance of campaigns in the form of reports. Client reports are usually periodic and can be stored or transmitted in different formats, such as print, e-mails, ppt, pdf, etc., to customers. They are the basis for strategic decision-making, focusing on the metrics your clients need such as website traffic, social media growth, lead generation, sales, brand recognition, market analysis, advertising spend, etc.

You pull these statistics week after week, entering them into a report and putting them in context for your client. That’s why the client report is the basis around which the discussion between you and your client occurs. It’s basically a conversation between you two that allows you to show how great you are at the job you do.

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Why Is Client Reporting Important in Business?

It Helps You to Interact with Your Clients Regularly

Communication is key to your relationship with clients, and client reports allow you to talk with them on a regular basis, whether you give them reports after each campaign ends, or once a month to show the status of their campaigns. The important thing is to do it regularly.

Client reporting allows both of you to share thoughts and ideas on the data presented. In that way, you’ll prevent small problems from turning into a full-blown crisis.

So, sending reports on a regular basis will help your client realize you’re always there while keeping the interaction alive.

It Allows You to Educate Your Clients

Client reports are a great way to educate your clients about your work. A lot of them may not know the importance of each KPI or the difference between them. But, your client KPI reports can help them learn about the meaning and importance of each data point. Educating your clients by sharing your knowledge will help them figure out what you do, thus allowing them to feel involved in the whole process. This, in turn, will help you better understand and manage their requirements and expectations.

It Informs Your Client about Their Success, and Yours

Client reports are just as important when things are going great as when they aren’t. Your clients should when they have a successful month because that means you’ve done a great job. The result – resigning the contract with you or your agency for another campaign.

It Keeps Both Sides Accountable

Sending reports regularly will keep you and your client accountable to one another. You create these reports with specific metrics and KPIs in mind, but how do you go about determining the specific KPIs that you need to keep track of? With the power of teamwork. By sending a concrete report to your client, including specific KPIs, you make sure they provide you with specific, real, and measurable goals that those specific KPIs need to be measured.

Not only that this allows you to know the client’s expectations from you, but it also helps you to optimize the campaigns and get optimal results.


Client reporting is a necessary part of the money management business that takes time and effort but provides optimal results for you and your clients. It’s how you keep the conversation alive with them, showing the results of their campaigns’ performance, and letting them know that you are always there doing your best to help them. Luckily, there are many great client reporting tools online that will help you save valuable time and money.

Published on Nov 08, 2019




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