Automated Client Reporting Software: Top 5 Tools for Agencies

Any customer service is termed useful by the quality of the results. One factor that authors great results is time management. A marketing agency should spend more time on what matters most. Saving time whenever possible is highly important for proper time management. Consider using client reporting software to expedite the report creation process.

Whatagraph team
Whatagraph team

Jan 24, 2022 5 min read

Client Reporting Software for Marketing Agencies

While marketing reports are essential, they are time-consuming if done manually. This article identifies the 5 best client reporting software recommended by top marketing experts. They are must-have tools that can help with reporting while you execute marketing projects.

1. Whatagraph 

Automation: Everything related to client reporting has to be quick, optimized, and data-driven. Whatagraph presents fully automated reports making it a perfect tool for marketing agencies reporting. Why?:

  1. It allows to schedule and send automated reports. Cover any time period and provide updates on your marketing efforts on a daily, monthly, or quarterly basis. Automate client reporting and never miss a deadline;
  2. Every report automatically gathers information from any source. On the Whatagraph marketing reporting platform, there are over 40 integrations. Connect them to Whatagraph and observe how easily data can be represented and reports can be created.

 Automate client reportingCross-channel reporting: Usually, digital marketing includes a couple of platforms and channels. Sometimes, they can be not related at all like Facebook ads,  Google ads or LinkedIn ads. The great thing about Whatagraph is that it allows you to pull and present cross-channel data! This feature allows not only to track and monitor several marketing campaigns

This reporting process is especially useful when pulling clients’ data to compare each marketing platform. This allows you to better understand and optimize marketing channels to get the best results.

Cross-channel Marketing Reporting
Any digital marketing agency wants to create engaging reports and make their clients feel special. Whatagraph allows to do just that. It’s a client reporting software with extremely flexible marketing reporting. Customizable reports are one of the best features when client reporting. It allows to change the theme of the report, change colors and fonts, and even include images related to the client’s brand. 

white-label customize

Custom reports also allow to modify the report itself. Play with widgets and data sources. Present what’s significant to the client and show them you care.

Custom reports

Visualization: There is nothing more terrifying for your client than a spreadsheet with raw data. Keep in mind that, usually, they are not data savvies, or even if they are, they probably want to save time by using your services. Data visualization is one way to go about it. It represents key data and metrics in the form of tables, charts, and graphs. This way, the second your client opens a report, they can learn about the status of your marketing campaign.

Monetization: Make extra cash with Whatagraph. As Whatagraph is a client reporting platform as well as data analytics, you can make the most of it for your own benefit. Due to the above-mentioned customization reporting feature and other functionalities, agencies can sell reports as their own. 

40 data sources

Create a client dashboard or a report, customize it, make it feel & look like your client’s brand and charge extra for that. 

2. Google Analytics

Google Analytics (GA) comes in handy for meeting the demand for reports that quantify the results of clients. It provides a wealth of data that can be shared with clients. Useful metrics that work with Google Analytics include Audience Overview, Average Engagement, and All-traffic Report under Acquisition (ARA).

The Audience Overview reports trends of traffic over time. ARA indicates from where the traffic is coming. Nevertheless, there may be those metrics that may be more meaningful to your client. Google Analytics will allow you to configure those metrics that suit clients’ specific needs.

One unique feature of GA is Goal Conversions. It’s the absolute way of tailoring it to the client’s needs. You can implement a goal for any visitor’s activity. Reports on goal conversion are what distinguish various clients’ reports that share a standard report template.

Despite Google Analytics being free, it’s the most robust system for traffic analysis. It’s easy to use if set up properly. The best part of Google Analytics is that it keeps getting better!

Google Analytics Overview

3. Wordsmith for Marketing

This software provides elaborate white-labeled clients reports. It can save Marketing Agency’s labor cost by about $12,000 per month. Wordsmith will provide a report with over six pages that include notes, charts, and tables.

You get to know how every channel is driving conversions. Areas of coverage include SEO, social media, content marketing, and advertising. Before sending the report, the Agency can review it for any edits. You can schedule it for dispatch to the client weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

This software by Automated Insights will provide roughly 500 reports per month.

The marketing agencies that have used the custom reporting tool have reported loving its use of natural language generation. It’s a technology that converts sophisticated data into clear and understandable human narratives. It’s a feature that makes it usable to even non-technical users.

Therefore, Wordsmith for marketing is an enabler for working for any industry. Whether it’s a game, video or football, it’s easy to generate reports from any data.

Wordsmith Marketing

4. Raven Tools

Raven tools are the absolute solution to the marketing needs of any agency. It’s the way to access accurate data important for marketing decisions. You’ll not be disappointed about getting good results for your clients. Raven tools make your effort towards traffic, leads and customer search fruitful.

This advanced reporting software provides a feature for examining the client’s site against competitors. It helps to analyze and compare domain authority, lead time, backlinks and others. Furthermore, the research center helps to analyze a competitor’s website.

cross-channel reports

WYSIWYG reports help you to manage your data as what you see is how your target site is performing. Thus, you can know if SEO is performing or Ads are generating leads as expected. The graph or chart feature serves as a visual aid to monitor progress and conceptualize white label clients' reports.

Raven tool

5. Tapclicks

TapClicks is a marketing operations platform specializing in marketing workflow, performance analytics, client reporting, and data. This platform allows to create interactive visual reports and presentations. Its cross-channel reporting presents any data from SEO, social and PPC on one page.

This platform has more than 250 integrations and automated data warehousing. Meaning that no data source is an issue. 

Other benefits include:

  1. Customized client views;
  2. Real-time data analytics;
  3. Actionable insights;
  4. Data visualization.


Time for You to Choose the Best Client Reporting Tool

Choosing a client reporting tool might seem overwhelming. There are many different options in marketing offering the best products. But before even looking for one, it is important to identify goals. Without determining goals, then KPIs and sources, choosing a tool will be inefficient and meaningless. 

Here are the steps to take before buying a client reporting software’s subscription:

  1. Identify your objectives;
  2. Identify your resources (money, team, time, etc.);
  3. Develop your strategy;
  4. Find a tool that will save time, and make your job more efficient.

40+ data

Bottom Line

Client report tools are here to help out marketing agencies and client managers. Find out how else a client and manager relationship could be enhanced by contacting us! We will guide you through the process of creating and optimizing your reports and dashboards so that your clients appreciate your service more.

Published on Jan 24, 2022


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