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Knowing how your marketing strategies are performing is as important as having such strategies. And when they aren't converting or helping you smash your set goals, you should consider strengthening the areas of weaknesses that hinder the desired performance.

Gintaras Baltusevičius
Gintaras Baltusevičius

Mar 04, 2021 10 min read


Marketing Analytics Software

You can use marketing analytics to measure and control your marketing strategies and targets.

Marketing analytics is an excellent way of achieving the best results in your marketing efforts. The business world is rapidly going digital. Hence, the need for tools that will help you discover how you are performing amongst your competitors and how your business can get better has never been this important.

This article is a comprehensive guide about marketing software and the best marketing software to consider for your business. Let us get straight into it!

What Is Marketing Software?

Marketing analytics software comprises tools and processes that help businesses evaluate, manage, and control their marketing efforts. They do this by measuring how such an organization's marketing strategies are performing.

In other words, marketing software helps businesses simplify, scale, and optimize their marketing activities and strategies. Often, organizations that use marketing analytics software get better ROIs compared to those that don't.

These tools will help you to know the marketing methods that work the most and how you can adjust your campaigns to suit your business goals and smash your target, recording maximum leads, conversions, and sales.

With marketing software, you can evaluate your marketing ideas' success by examining your business performance in areas such as marketing attribution, ROI, and general marketing effectiveness.

Marketing analytics software help business owners to identify what is working, what isn't working, and what needs to be worked on in their marketing campaigns.

Whether your business operates online or offline, these tools can help you understand everything about marketing by gathering data from different marketing platforms and unifying them in a single view.

Features of An Excellent Marketing Analytics Software

1. Excellent User Interface

This is arguably the most critical factor that determines if a marketing analytics software is great or not. Marketing software must be easy and straightforward to use and understand. It must be flexible enough for even the newest newbies.

2. Sound Sales Call Reporting

You do not need to monitor the sales meetings. An excellent marketing software must track sales meetings and extract specific notes that can be used as a reference during your sales team training.

3. Great Dashboard

The entirety of your marketing campaign is displayed on your dashboard. Hence, the best marketing analytics software features an excellent dashboard that isn't only easy-to-understand but also properly arranged and displayed. Most times, users' decisions largely depend on the efficiency of your software's dashboard.

4. Easy Accessibility

You should be able to access your marketing software anywhere globally inasmuch as you are connected to the internet. This offers user convenience and also doesn't cause breaks in productivity even if you are far away.

What Are Marketing Analytics Software Used For?

Technically, marketing analytics software is used for several things. Users with the right marketing tools are usually exposed to valuable insights, expository data, and organized decision-making processes. They can easily access, examine, correlate, and analyze data to deeply understand strategies that can smash their business goals.

In the latter part of this article, we have compiled a detailed list of marketing analytics tools, helping you choose the right software to suit your business' needs. However, the big question is, what do I need marketing analytics software for?

Straightforwardly, analytics tools will help scale your business, serving as an added weapon in your business marketing arsenal. Below are a few advantages of marketing software:

1. Centralized View of Data

Regardless of how voluminous your data can be, analytics tools will help you display all of them in a centralized view. It saves users the stress of having to review datasets scattered all over the place. This is made possible because analytics tools' vital role is to automatically collect and gather data from different marketing channels.

2. Offers In-Depth Insights About Marketing

The ability to view all your data and activities from different sources in a single location makes it easy for marketers to learn from their current and past campaigns. This way, you can deep-dive into your data to gather insights that would help pave the way for excellent marketing strategies.

3. Makes Marketers Track Trends & Find Opportunities Easily

Nowadays, the market changes incredibly fast. Hence, a marketer needs to ensure they are always abreast of the market situation. A marketing analytics tool can help them achieve this. User's (customers) behaviors change daily, particularly because of the frequent advancement and innovations in technology.

While this sometimes poses threats for some marketers, it is an added advantage for those who use marketing analytics tools.

These tools will help them monitor the market regularly, identify new opportunities, trends, and predict challenges. The ability to do all of these from one platform is also incredibly amazing and productive!

The advantages of analytics tools are numberless, all aimed at helping marketers solve several marketing issues. Albeit, above are the commonest benefits that users enjoy. Next, we would be reviewing our top marketing analytics software that we recommend.

Which Analytics Software Is Best for Marketers?

1. Whatagraph

Marketing experts use this tool to monitor their campaigns across various marketing channels majorly. Whatagraph is an automated, easy-and-simple-to-use reporting platform for users interested in customizable visual reports and in-depth marketing data insights.

Whatagraph helps digital agencies to create visual marketing reports from different channels – that is, they automatically help you collect data from your funnels, displaying them in a single place for your analysis and examination.

Other features of Whatagraph include: aligning your team with on-demand and scheduled reports, real-time data viewing, time-saving, visual display of data, easy data-tracking, automated report delivery, creation of custom reports, etc.

Generally, this analytics tool offers its users a means to view even the most complicated data in an engaging, expository, and explanatory way, helping them make excellent business decisions.

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  • Pricing is slightly higher than the industry standard.

2. Moat Analytics

This is a cross-platform analytics tool that tracks several thousands of content views and ad impressions to measure and drive brand awareness. Moat analytics helps users exploit every minute of exposure, visualize every touch, quantify how audible their messages are, measure viewability, etc.

Moat Analytics is great for driving brand attention, whether you are a mobile or desktop user. With this platform, as a marketer, you can effectively measure your ad impressions, knowing what is working and what is not working, ultimately making you make better and informed decisions.


  • Data Unification
  • Mobile Web Analytics
  • Comprehensive Video Ad Impressions Analysis
  • Stops Bot Traffic


  • Offers somewhat limited tracking.
  • Doesn't display all data in a single interface.

3. Affinio

Affinio is an analytics software that was designed specifically for enterprise businesses. This analytics tool helps business owners to convert their customer data to actionable insights, regardless of how complex or simple such data are nor the data source.

Affinio can draw data from social media and other similar marketing channels, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit. This software helps users to view their audience insights in a highly-visual and comprehensive report.

If you own or market for smaller-scale or medium-sized enterprises without gainsaying, you should consider using this marketing analytics software for your marketing solutions. These solutions include audience monitoring, refined insights, content strategy, etc.


  • Reveal in-depth customer data.
  • A great solution for content strategy.
  • It helps users to uncover insights faster.
  • Excellent in tracking and identifying market trends and opportunities.
  • Helps users to identify relevant partnerships and influencers.


  • Affinio features poor navigation.

4. Google Analytics

Fourth on our list of best marketing analytics software is Google Analytics. Since its introduction into the marketing industry, this tool has served several millions of marketers and business owners, helping them smash their marketing goals.

This marketing platform integrates several premium market analytics features both for mobile and traditional users. This tool helps users to summarize their data using several funnel visualization techniques. Similarly, its dashboard is quite comprehensive, containing various kinds of reports.

A unique selling point of this marketing analytics platform is its integration with Google Analytics tracking codes. This feature allows it to load JavaScript files and set variables for them. Whenever a visitor visits your website, the code automatically loads, collecting relevant data from such a visitor.

And, it is free! Regardless of your type of business, whether you are an individual, startup, small-scale business, etc., or your industry, and offers unlimited data collection sources!


  • Google Analytics is free.
  • Allows users to create custom goals.
  • Allows users to create personalized reports.
  • Unlimited data collection sources.
  • Compatible with several digital environments, including websites, mobile apps, etc.


  • The interface can be very overwhelming, especially for newbies. It features several dashboards, user views, settings, and metrics.

5. Improvado

Improvado helps marketers, ad agencies, and business owners to aggregate advert data in minutes. This tool allows marketing teams to use their favorite marketing tool to create and visualize custom reports, map data, etc.

Improvado also provides a single view for users, making it easier for them to analyze their data and make excellent business decisions. Without hiring developers, you can use Improvado to integrate marketing APIs into any visualization tool.


  • Comprehensive, personalized dashboard.
  • Detailed Statistics
  • Ad channels Report
  • Google Sheet integration
  • Attribution Models
  • Performance Details
  • Great customer support.


  • Some of this tool's features may be somewhat complicated, especially to beginners.

6. Clickx

Clickx is an excellent tool for planning, executing, and measuring your inbound marketing strategies. This tool also helps users to track and measure leads and convert clients online.

This analytics software offers several marketing features, including keywords, local profiles, backlinks, search console, PPC reports, Site Audit, social retargeting, display, content strategy, competitors' data, call analytics, etc.

The central role of Clickx is to help users improve their business' online presence by gathering local listings from several platforms and add it to their dashboards.


  • It helps users to optimize their keywords.
  • Comprehensive SEO dashboard
  • It helps users to create a great content strategy.
  • Comprehensive site audit.


  • Clickx is relatively expensive.

7. Ensighten

Ensighten helps businesses to reach their marketing, privacy, and data protection goals. This tool features privacy enterprise, tag management, customer data platform, privacy General Data Protection Regulation, Mobile tag management, etc. With Ensighten, you can sure of having your marketing data protected from unauthorized website trackers.


  • GDPR Web Compliance
  • Optimization of Customer Journey
  • Enterprise Data Protection
  • Mobile Tag Management
  • Tag Management


  • User Interface takes time to load.
  • You can't manage the tag view feature.
  • You can't enable or disable tags automatically.

8. NinjaCat

The last on our list of marketing analytics software that is best for your business, depending on your marketing goals, is Ninjacat! Ninjacat will help you deliver SEO, PPC, call, and social tracking, on a single dashboard.

This tool will help you save time, thanks to its automated feature, helping you win more clients and deliver effective SEO and Social Media reports as a marketer to your client.


  • Detailed PPC report.
  • Connection with over 700 data sources.
  • Detailed SEO progress report.
  • It helps users to monitor their budget spend.


  • Hidden charges.
  • Relatively non-intuitive.
  • It takes time for changes to reflect.
  • Onboarding is usually tedious and time-consuming.

Bottom Line

Without gainsaying, marketing analytics tool offers immeasurable benefits to marketers and business owners. It is an essential part of your business marketing journey that cannot be sidelined.

In this article, we have taken conscious efforts at helping you choose from our list of top marketing analytics software that is best for your business and clients, as the case may be. Do you have experience with any of the analytics tools discussed in this article, do not hesitate to share your experience with us – we would love to hear from you via the comment section!

Published on Mar 04, 2021

Gintaras is an experienced marketing professional who is always eager to explore the most up-to-date issues in data marketing. He is always in search of new and unexplored angles to share with his readers.

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